Homeowners Avoid Electric Problems During Heat Waves

It’s summertime again, and the long wait for warm and sunny weather is over. With summer comes time to enjoy the beach, the pool, and a cold, delicious ice cream cone, as well as the ability to relax at home with the AC on full blast. While these are the best parts of summer, there’s another thing to think about: power problems. If you’re experiencing any electrical interference, it’s important to find out why it’s happening. Here, we’ll discuss the most common electrical issues encountered during a heat wave and the reasons behind them.

Tripping Breakers

It’s very common for circuit breakers to trip on hot summer days. This problem is primarily due to air conditioners and fans that are left on. When electrical circuits reach their limit, they’re more likely to trip.

Circuit breakers have an important function: they prevent electrical overload by cutting power to certain areas. If left untended, though, a tripping circuit breaker may increase the risk of electrical fire.

As a safety measure, it’s best to conserve electricity in these situations. Consider limiting the use of high-draw appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, and washing machines. And, if you are living in an older home, hire an electrician to update your home’s circuitry and reduce the risk of overload. Visit us at https://www.myseelectric.com/ to schedule an appointment.

Overuse of Extension Cords

Older homes in Westminster typically have a limited number of electrical sockets. Although extension cords offer a temporary fix, they also increase the risk of electrical overload. Overused extension cords draw more power than an aging electrical system can tolerate, especially during hot summers when refrigerators, fans, and air conditioners are in constant use.

If you’re using an extension cord and it starts to get warm, unplug it right away to prevent serious damage. When using these cords, be sure not to:

  • Connect several extension cords end to end

  • Cover cords with rugs, as dissipating thermal energy can cause a fire

  • Overload them

Call us or visit https://www.myseelectric.com/about-contact/ to find out how we can upgrade your home’s electrical system.


A brownout is a systematic occurrence that’s caused by the power company itself. In warmer climates, the demand for electricity increases. As that happens, utilities are forced to allocate resources evenly, which can lead to brownouts in certain areas. You may notice flickering or dim lights, and some appliances may not work properly.

During a brownout, it’s best to minimize energy usage by not using high-drain devices. While Westminster residents can’t do much to prevent brownouts, they can take steps to minimize their impact.

Flickering Lights

On a hot summer day, a home’s air conditioning system offers welcome relief. Roughly six percent of America’s electricity is used on HVAC systems, but it comes at a cost. If your home’s lights flicker when the air conditioner comes on, don’t worry, as it’s a common summertime issue.

In Closing

While some electrical problems are benign, others are quite concerning. Following these tips will minimize the effects of these issues, but more complicated matters require professional intervention. Call the pros at S.E. Electrical Services, Inc today for a no-obligation home electrical inspection.

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