Covercasa Saves Homeowners Time and Money on Homeowners Insurance

Shop and buy insurance online in minutes, now available in 26 states.

Having homeowners insurance is a must for all homeowners. However, choosing which one to buy can be overwhelming, and time consuming. Ironically, most of the homeowners insurance options are only available by calling insurance agents who may have bias that can influence the options customers get to view. This makes it difficult for homeowners to see firsthand the insurance companies and prices available to them.

To solve this problem of lack of transparency and financial conflicts of interest, Covercasa was launched in 2021 to deliver homeowners insurance in minutes, without leaving the comfort of one’s home. Not only does Covercasa provide a faster and better way to buy home insurance online, but it also allows homeowners to save hundreds of dollars.

While there are other homeowners insurance comparison sites, what makes Covercasa stand out from the rest is its technology, which gets prices from multiple carriers in only a matter of seconds and its purpose, which is never to sell customer data, but to truly help customers find the best price and buy online. Options are shown in order of price, along with company ratings and coverage differences. Currently, Covercasa works with top insurance companies in the United States and is open in 26 states.

“The truth about most insurance comparison sites is they are simply selling customer information to third parties. That is their real business – lead generation. Covercasa is in business to provide insurance options, instantly, so homeowners can get the best homeowners insurance coverage at the best price, online,” says Stephanie Lee, CEO of Covercasa.

By giving unbiased options, Covercasa allows homeowners to be in full control of how they spend their time and money – from selecting the best coverage, at the best price, to buying their insurance policy in minutes from the online store.

While Covercasa removes human bias from the equation, homeowners are still encouraged to seek expert support from Covercasa’s team of licensed insurance agents for better understanding of the coverage they need to adequately protect their assets. This free consultation is optional and only happens after the customer has seen their price and coverage options. This is especially helpful for first-time homeowners or those who want to have their choices validated by an expert. Covercasa brings technology, insurance experts and online shopping together to deliver the best experience to customers who want to save money and time on homeowners insurance. Now available in these 26 states at Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin

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About Covercasa, Inc.

Covercasa is a digital insurance agency that offers homeowners insurance in 26 states, bringing full transparency into the coverage and prices available to protect customers’ homes. Shop for home insurance, get instant quotes from multiple carriers in seconds & buy online. DIY or choose to work with a licensed agent for free. Covercasa is not a lead generator and does not sell customer data. Its technology is known to save customers an average of 25% annually on their homeowners insurance.

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