Personal Injury Lawyers New Haven at Gould Injury Law Build the Strongest Possible Case for their Clients and Secure Compensation

Gould Injury Law serves Connecticut as a dependable personal injury lawyer that places its client’s interests above everything else. It bases its legal counseling on a thorough understanding of insurance, state law, and the processes of the judicial system.

According to announcements released by Gould Injury Law and Robert Gould, the personal injury lawyers New Haven at this law firm fight hard to deliver fast results for their clients who have suffered injuries and are eligible for compensation in Connecticut. 

Accumulating medical bills and the inability to earn can exacerbate an already trying condition for an injury victim. Insurance companies move fast; it is in the best interests for a personal injury victim to also act quickly and hire a reliable lawyer. 

Gould Law Firm represents clients who have been injured in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, etc. 

Car accident lawyers New Haven at Gould Injury Law fight on behalf of their clients to get their lives back on track. The firm provides the right kind of legal assistance that yields appropriate compensation fast and, if required, through a legal trial. The law firm provides its services on a contingency fee basis, which means that the client pays only upon receiving a settlement. 

Connecticut car accident victims may or may not know how insurance companies get accident victims to agree to low and unfair compensation amounts. In both cases, an injury victim is rarely mentally or physically willing to pursue compensation with hardened insurance adjusters. A sympathetic car accident attorney well-versed in state laws, court procedures, and the reasons insurance companies may offer for denying a claim can be of immense help. Injury victims that accept a settlement without considering future expenses may be denying themselves the claim amount they rightfully deserve. Insurance companies may delay payment to pressure claimants into accepting a low amount. They can also go to the extent of denying a claim till the statute of limitations in Connecticut, which is two years, run out. 

Gould Injury Law knows what it takes to deal with recalcitrant insurance adjusters and obtain fair compensation for their clients. 

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Robert Gould of Gould Injury Law said, “Nobody can fully understand the burdens a car accident victim faces until facing the situation themselves. A kind and caring personal injury law firm will be able to offer you needed support during this difficult time. The more evidence you have, the stronger your legal case is. Your accident attorney will gather evidence such as photos and video footage of the accident and speak to any bystanders or witnesses of the crash. An auto accident lawyer will launch a thorough investigation into your claim. This may include gathering police reports and any medical records about your case. Accident reconstructionist experts may be hired to determine who was at fault. Most motor vehicle accident claims are settled out of court. 

A skilled accident attorney will know what your car accident claim is worth, be able to offer you valuable legal advice, and fight to negotiate the best possible settlement for you. Our lawyers at Gould Injury Law know that no two car accidents are the same. After taking on your case, our law firm’s legal team will thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding your car accident and create a plan of action specific to your needs.”

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Gould Injury Law has nearly two decades of experience helping personal injury victims in New Haven, Hartford, and Waterbury, Connecticut. It aggressively pursues any matter it undertakes on behalf of its clients. Its lawyers ask the right questions and work hard to obtain fair compensation for their clients.

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