Worthpad presents fresh opportunities for investors and innovators

Worthpad presents fresh opportunities for investors and innovators
Discover 5 key features about this decentralized platform that makes it unique

Worthpad is the decentralized multi-chain IDO platform building the capability to first identify, then incubate, and accelerate high-value, high-worth startups. It seeks to address issues that early-stage businesses struggle with, such as finance. The company asserts that its proposed investment structure will make it safer for all types of investors to participate. They aspire to provide a single platform to give retail investors early access to valuable crypto businesses working on the future of technology.

With the platform piquing the interest of many, the company highlights the 5 features that set Worthpad apart.

The company states that the foremost thing to know is that Worthpad’s platform offers the potential for infinite wealth generation. This is made possible using innovative features like having a Liquidity Pool and by automating Worth DVC Fund’s liquidity generation using $WORTH tokens. Each transaction on the platform is taxed at 10% and the tax is split 50/50 between the Liquidity Pool and the Worth DVC Fund. Each transaction, therefore, increases the value of the $WORTH token and the entire Worthpad ecosystem. As a result, $WORTH’s floor price is always climbing. 

Worthpad also features a Worth Incubator and Worth Accelerator for fostering groundbreaking crypto projects from inception. The company asserted, “Worth IDO Launchpad will not only assist with fundraising, but also provide mentorship from veteran entrepreneurs and investors, community building expertise, and technical support. Worth IDO Launchpad will also help the startup establish key strategic partnerships and build an aggressive marketing strategy.”

The company also emphasized that the smart contracts developed in Worth Smart Contract Foundry are safe, secure, and designed to protect the investors’ funds.  They explained that the open-source code used for constructing foundry smart contracts is thoroughly tested and audited regularly to ensure that hackers are unable to propagate any type of attacks to steal money from investors.

Worthpad has built-in risk management features, according to its creators. One of its key distinguishers is the conditional, staggered delivery of funds raised upon reaching predetermined project milestones. This keeps project managers on the budget and reduces the chances of projects being abandoned midway. Even going the extra mile for investors, the Insurance Treasury feature will provide coverage to the investors, in the event of project failure.

It is Worthpad’s fundamental goal to ensure that its platform is simple to use and widely accessible for all kinds of investors to participate in DeFi and crypto initiatives. Worthpad is proud that its ecosystem is designed to simplify the challenging and technical aspects of the process, thereby allowing retail investors to participate. 

For more information on Worthpad and how to become a part of the global crypto movement, visit — Worthpad WebsiteTwitter, and Telegram

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