Hugh Jackman’s possible resurface of skin cancer, recent summer trend in Tiktok, the public is reminded of the importance of sunscreen

Summertime is always the time for beaches, crazy swimming seasons. Going into the second summer post-pandemic, people from around the globe is doubling down on outdoor activities after a year-long social distancing. Recent events once again bring the public to the attention regarding how we protect our skin, the largest organ we have. The world-renowned wolverine actor recently spoke on his Instagram about the anomaly on his skin in the video of plastic covering his nose. Also, an insane trend on the famous Tiktok brings experts’ concerns over the usage of sunscreen.

Hugh Jackman went through many treatments previously to deal with his skin cancer, and his doctor noticed something abnormal on his nose last week. The Australian actor is waiting for a more thorough examination after filming a movie in two months, especially since the current diagnosis was inconclusive. He further urged fans to take care of their skin and the importance of sunscreen. Livy Lin, an expert from Luxe Young London, commented that sunscreen is our first defence over skin cancer; much research proved this. Applying sunscreen is the first and most crucial step in our daily routine.

Luxe Young London was founded in 2012, and their products are in the running of a beauty product award from “Queen”, one of the biggest beauty shows in Asia. Livy also commented on the sunscreen contour trend on Tiktok, saying it’s very troubling for us in the beauty community. The person in the Tiktok video used different SPF levels of sunscreen, and this is an improper way to apply sunscreen since SPF 30 is arguably enough for our skin protection, and individuals could potentially get much less protection in the overlap areas or miss some spots on the face entirely. Livy added, “We here at Luxe Young London believe in having the perfect skin; we not only need to learn how to nourish our skin but further protect it. We will soon launch a sunscreen which is also environmentally friendly and teach public once again how to protect our skin.”

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