Exploring the Future of Wealth Management with WellthPartner

Achieve holistic success with advisors who truly care and treat clients as more than just account numbers and balances.

“Your wealth is a rainbow; money is one of the colors.” For the advisors at WellthPartner, wealth is not just about money. Though it’s an important aspect of it, true ‘wellth’ requires a complex blend of the different arenas of a person’s holistic well-being. It takes into consideration one’s social, emotional, (a)vocational, financial, physical, spiritual, and intellectual well-being, which WellthPartner identifies and explores for their clients using their proven process.

WellthPartner is unlike any other consulting firm. Focusing on holistic wellness, their team is composed of tenured financial professionals and life coaches who are committed to empowering their clients to understand the true meaning of ‘wellth’ for a more fulfilling life. They currently offer five programs: Essentials, Foundations, Fundamentals, Comprehensive, and Beyond Wellth (PeaceTrain Guides). These are designed to help clients thrive and find peace in their relationship with finances while being more aware of their holistic well-being.

“I believe the world needs more people living lighter, and in line with their authentic selves. I work hard to help lift the burdens people carry. To the extent I can enter into someone’s experience with their money and lift their burdens, then they are incrementally that much more free to be their fullest expression of self,” says Patrick Johnson, the founder of WellthPartner.

More information about WellthPartner and their services can be found at http://www.wellthpartner.com/.

About WellthPartner

WellthPartner is a holistic wellness consulting firm based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They partner with clients to explore all arenas of their wellth, enhancing, managing, and nurturing each one to achieve holistic success.

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