Sailer Concepts Becomes Women’s Partners in Personal Entrepreneurial Journeys

Marsha Sailer gains the trust of women who want to break free from their jobs and pursue their passion of becoming accomplished entrepreneurs.

In these trying times, it is difficult to break free from the job that puts food on the table, let alone pursue one’s passion. Going after what the heart desires has become a luxury for most people, especially for women. Workplace discrimination against them is not even a secret, which is why it would be more challenging should they choose to resign as there’d be no certainty as to where they can go next. This is where Sailer Concepts comes in, specializing in empowerment through speaking, coaching, workshops, and seminars.

Sailer Concepts is a company founded by Marsha Sailer, who believes that customer needs should always be of the highest priority. As a US Navy Veteran whose vast experience in every sphere of life has established her inspirational mindset, Marsha ensures that her entire team remains motivated in meeting the said needs. This way, her team encourages repeat customers and referrals by delivering only the best service possible.

Today, Sailer Concepts has launched a 12-week group coaching program entitled the Escape to Entrepreneurship Excursion. This is Marsha’s way to help women transform their lives by molding focus and courage to eventually break free from the job that traps them. She has always been set to give back to the world by engaging people and guiding them in becoming the kind of entrepreneur they want to be. “My coaching involves the ability to understand you – to think how you think, and understand your perspective. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms,” said Marsha. The course includes comprehensive modules such as the Success Mindset, Bulletproof Motivation, How to Turn Your Passion for Service into a Profitable Business, and Full Time to Freelancer among others.

There are six work areas and over 20 modules in total that the coaching course will cover. In addition, weekly live sessions help to ensure you are never on your own and have accountability to reach your goals. With its interesting topics, women will surely be able to slowly overcome the fear of leaving their job and focus on a profitable business they have always dreamed of. This will allow them to spend more family time and even vacations. “Everyone has an inbuilt potential that can shoot them for the stars and they just need a path to find it,” she added. There are many other innovative group coaching programs that Sailer Concepts offers.

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About Sailer Concepts

Sailer Concepts is a company that has different group coaching programs with engagement in many ways. It is founded by Marsha Sailer who helps women trapped in their unfulfilling job overcome the fear and overwhelm of leaving so they can escape to a profitable business quickly, freeing them to have time for family and vacations through her Escape to Entrepreneurship Excursion.

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