Building The Play-It-Out, “Do-It-Yourself” Character That Children Need

Children can only grow and hone their creativity if they are made to believe that the world indeed is their oyster. This belief can be embedded when we allow them to engage in all playful activities, to pick up the paints and crayons until the entire canvas hides beneath their hues, and to expand their world by reading to them books that spur their imagination.

We build the future of nations by building the children, and in one such attempt, Wildwood has organized an event that truly celebrates children. From differnet kids’ activities, food, concerts, artists, and fine crafts areas to Exhibits and book author booths, this event has everything that will interest the kids.

One of the highlighting features of the event is Denise Kuse’s author booth, where she is introducing her T-Rex Triplets storybook for children. Denise Kuse, being a teacher in the past, has always been an active advocate of children’s learning and reading, something that prompted her to write 8 storybooks for children.

Reading is always the best way to prepare future thinkers, and Denise using her creative imagination has done well to set up the path for them. The lovely tales of T-Rex triplets have won over not only the children but the teachers, too, who find them an invaluable addition to their syllabus. Creating intriguing content that educates a child all the while keeping them excited is a tough job that Denise has done remarkably.

T-Rex Triplets series is an effort on the part of this incredible writer who understands how essential it is for us to make our children fall for reading, given the unending list of benefits the habit has. Wildwood, when planning the course of the event being held to entertain and educate our children, could not forget Denise Kuse and her T-Rex Triplets!

Denise, through her storybooks, has indeed given the kids the wings to travel to places without moving. The incredibly inspiring and entertaining tales of T-Rex triplets will be one of the best parts of the event that we plan to organize in honor of the kids of the city of Wildwood! 

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