“Come Again Next Year…” – “Traditional Chinese Medicine” Exhibition Area of 2021 CIFTIS Won High Praise

On September 7, the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (or CIFTIS) was drawing to a close, with the theme of “Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Build a Community for Human Health”, the TCM theme event hosted by the Beijing Municipal TCM Administration and organized by the Beijing Ethnic Medicine and Culture Research Association in Hall 5 of the Shougang Park ushered in its last public open day.

TCM Theme Event of 2021 CIFTIS in Hall 5 of Shougang Park

In the activity space of nearly 1,000 square meters, a series of wonderful activities such as exhibition, conference forum, industry release, activity experience, negotiation and signing were held one after another. More than 75 enterprises and public institutions that in various fields such as medicine, education, research, media and enterprises participated online and offline in the exhibition, and the proportion of leading enterprises exceeded 30%. The questionnaire survey conducted during the event showed that the satisfaction rate was as high as 96%, and the people attending the exhibition said they enjoyed the “friendly service” and “outstanding experience” in the TCM theme activity exhibition area. Exhibitors also said that they would “come again next year!” and expressed their willingness to continue to participate in the exhibition next year through the questionnaire survey on the official platform.

Participating Leaders Launched the TCM Theme Event Together

The TCM theme event started with the launching ceremony of the TCM theme day of the 2021 CIFTIS on September 3, singing the prelude to the full-scale opening of the TCM theme event. The theme day activity was launched by Chen Bei, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Municipal People’s Government, Wu Zhendou, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yan Weiqun, Vice President of Beijing Overseas Chinese Exchange Association and Secretary of the Party Group of Beijing Overseas Chinese Federation, and Tu Zhitao, Director of Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A series of achievements of overseas Chinese TCM services were released at the opening ceremony, and a number of well-known domestic TCM enterprises signed procurement contracts and strategic cooperation agreements with overseas organizations respectively. After the opening ceremony, the 6th Overseas Chinese Medicine Conference was held with the theme of “Chinese Medicine Helps Build a Community for Human Health”, where practitioners of Chinese medicine from more than 20 countries, including the United States, Japan, Hungary, Russia, Argentina, etc., had a multi-faceted and in-depth dialogue. The conference attracted nearly 300 TCM experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries and regions, as well as more than 10,000 TCM practitioners from online and offline, which laid a good cultural atmosphere and academic tone for this year’s TCM theme event.

Interactive experience and wonderful exhibition to achieve immersive viewing experience

The exclusive area of 1000 square meters for TCM theme activities, with many highlights and unique characteristics, focuses on the latest achievements of TCM in medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, media and other fields. An interactive experience area of TCM is set up in the exhibition area, integrating cultural science and popularization and health management, with live introduction and interactive experience to showcase the achievements. Among them, face-to-face with the century-old brands, an immersive visit to the intangible-cultural-heritage project of traditional hand-made processing pills production, authentic medicinal materials, ancient production and meticulous explanation all triggered the public to stop to watch and eagerly ask questions, and made them fully feel the spirit of the old brand’s heritage of traditional pharmaceutical techniques.

Centuries-old brand live demonstration of hand-made processing pills with intangible-cultural-heritage skills

The exhibition also showcases a series of manual products made from traditional Chinese medicine, such as the 2019 “Beijing Gift” Chen Tongyun series of cosmetics, the “Summer Refreshing Fragrance Bag”, and incense products made from natural Chinese medicine raw materials. With the support of science and technology, traditional Chinese medicine is integrated into the contemporary fashionable life field, which will bring new glory and vitality in the new era. At the same time, the audience also visited the kitchen of the same source of medicine and food, had zero distance intelligent contact with the national gift of acupuncture and moxibustion bronze man, used the physical assessment instrument for accurate physical assessment, and through personal participation obtained scientific, authoritative, comprehensive and convenient Chinese medicine healthy life guidance services.

At the exhibition site, there were many people in front of the booths of Tibetan doctors, Yao doctors, Qigong demonstration, acupuncture and Chinese medicine health care workers. For example, “Ear Treatment for Brain Diseases” was held on site; Tibetan physicians held on-site voluntary medical consultation to demonstrate Tibetan medicine techniques and health consultation; Yao medicine eye consultation, Yao medicine for COVID-19 and green therapy were held to interpret the code of Yao longevity to the people; TCM health care workers implemented cream therapy for the elderly with neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain on site; In addition, the gong demonstration of Qigong Five Elements Palm, Simple Shape God Pile and Wooden Acupuncture Needle, the moxibustion meridian pneumatic instrument and the ancient method of inheriting wine steaming wine system of traditional Chinese medicine beverage tablets appeared in the exhibition, which also brought a lot of surprises to the audience. Enterprises combine ancient Chinese medicine with modern technology, inherit and keep the righteousness, adhere to the characteristics, and make efforts and innovations for better integration of Chinese medicine into modern life.

Digital TCM exhibition area radiated highlights, Exhibitors released major industry achievements

This year’s TCM theme event focused on “digital TCM” and showcased the TCM wisdom technology achievements and artificial intelligence products of the exhibitors. Through the display of new technologies, new products and new achievements of “digital TCM”, the event will help to modernize, industrialize and internationalize TCM.

The “sisters” equipment of the TCM Four Diagnostic Instrument was presented at the TCM-themed event of CIFTIS

On the one hand, the “sisters” device of the TCM four diagnostic instrument installed on the Chinese space station was unveiled, integrating the experience and data of old Chinese doctors through artificial intelligence technology, which can formulate accurate individualized health and disease prevention programs and realize the innovative idea of using Chinese medicine intelligence to diagnose the health status of the body. On the other hand, the debut of the “Shanghai Medical One Meridian Adjustment Robot” has created a new mode of Chinese medicine transmission, which can realize an immersive adjustment experience based on deep learning panoramic AI vision system, integrated force perception technology, 3-in-1 multi-physical field adjustment head and other technologies, and provide intelligent integrated solutions. It reflects the great help of TCM technology empowerment to human health conditioning. At the same time, in the Chinese medicine formula granule intelligent pharmacy, the operators through the equipment dispensing demonstration take the sour plum soup pharmacy as an example to show how to accurately control the process and measurement, and to restore the real Chinese medicine formula production process to the visiting public, then they take medicine after mixing and restore the real soup medicine, so that the public actually feel the intelligent innovation of Chinese medicine heritage.

Furthermore, it also demonstrated the cross-field integration of employing TCM skills teaching with VR, AI, intelligent sensing and other technologies on site, guiding the audience to conduct TCM skills manipulation practical training simulation practice experience, realizing the intelligent assessment and digitization of TCM talents’ skills actions, helping and promoting the training of TCM talents. In addition to the display of digital TCM technology and equipment for medical institutions and teaching, there are also intelligent health service platforms that come into the home, linking all kinds of home terminals, intelligent TCM mirrors for measuring facial features, balance scales, pulse diagnostic instruments, etc., which generate reports and give a series of toning recommendations by taking pictures of the face, tongue and fingertip sensing, and are also popular items that people have participated in experiencing.

It reflects the significant impact of biosensing and artificial intelligence technology on collecting health data and addressing the needs of family and urban TCM services. In addition, the TCM meridian detector, called “TCM CT” in the experience area, collects electrophysiological signals from the 12 meridians of the human body in the reflex zones of the hands through a fully automatic palm type, and applies computer simulation to TCM clinical diagnosis and analysis, and finally presents the test report in digital, graphic and TCM evidence, which also arouses great interest from the public. The 80-second probe of the human meridian code has changed the TCM treatment mode through technological innovation, injecting modern technological power into traditional TCM.

Technology empowerment boosts improvement, innovation drives development. This year’s TCM theme event attracted worldwide attention through the major release and display of corporate industry achievements, presenting the close combination and application of modern technology and traditional concepts of TCM, and showing the strong momentum of the TCM industry on the road to innovative and intelligent products and service systems.

“Cultural Inheritance” and “Technology Empowerment” advance collaboratively and innovate for common development

At present, the TCM industry is in the middle of a “golden period” of development and growth. With the promotion of favorable national policies and the major historical opportunities of digitalization and internationalization, the TCM theme event, based on the theme of “Digital Opens the future, Service Promotes the Development” of this year’s Fairs, through the organic combination of inheritance and innovation, and interpreting the cultural, scientific and clinical values of TCM with modern science and technology, will empower the appreciation of TCM brand and help TCM to go abroad.

During the exhibition, in addition to the 6th Overseas Chinese Medicine Conference, two high-level forums were also held at the same time. The “2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services Think Tank Summit Forum on Chinese Medicine and Health Industry” was held on September 4, attended by Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People’s Congress, Huang Luqi, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Deputy Director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lu Yan, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government, Li Xin, Deputy Secretary of Shijingshan District Party Committee and Mayor of Shijingshan District and other leaders. The forum through various forms such as keynote speeches, roundtable dialogues, project release and signing activities, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on hot issues such as the new pattern of innovation and development of Chinese medicine and health industry. The forum fully linked the characteristic cities, enterprises and brands, released the route of “Chinese medicine cultural tourism in the hometown of famous doctors”, promoted the “Nanyang-City Day”, established the international platform of Chinese medicine culture and industry services, and further promoted the development of industry chain, technology chain and supply chain. The Traditional Medicine Culture Summit Forum held on September 5, as one of the three major forums on the Chinese medicine theme of 2021CIFTIS, owns distinctive “cultural” characteristics. Focusing on the international and domestic development of traditional medicine culture, the forum brought together experts and scholars who studied traditional medicine culture in different cultural backgrounds to create a cultural feast of inheritance and innovation. In this forum, the Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center of the Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Queen Mother University of Thailand signed a training contract on “Acupuncture in TCM in Lan-Mei”; in order to improve the standardized service quality of TCM health nursing staff, a full-color audio-visual illustrated version of “Practical Manual for TCM Health Nursing Staff” was determined to be published and distributed by People’s Health Publishing House soon. In addition, in order to fully exploit the potential of TCM health and elderly care and give full play to the advantages of intellectual integration, the first batch of 39 experts and scholars from across the country who have outstanding achievements in the field of traditional medicine composed of traditional medicine health and elderly care (TCM health and elderly care) expert think tank was also officially announced to be established.

Beijing International Training Center of Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Queen Mother University of ThailandSigning on “Acupuncture and Moxibustion in the Mekong” Training

Under the double influence of academic discussion and exhibition display, this year’s TCM theme event, through the multi-directional and continuous display of different TCM service trade projects, will deeply explore new fields, new business models and new technologies of TCM, at the same time, accelerate the digital and international transformation of TCM with the help of industrial internet and front-end technology, encourage and promote the sound and rapid development process of TCM industry, and further gather the strength of all parties, innovate collaboratively and seek common development.

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