Credit Power LLC Leading the Way on Credit Repair and Financial Literacy During a Global Pandemic

Credit Power LLC Leading the Way on Credit Repair and Financial Literacy During a Global Pandemic

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Many highly accomplished personalities and established authorities can attest to the impact of financial literacy. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle where society highlights the importance of stability, individuals have fought tooth and nail in order to attain financial independence and security. However, many people often get lost in translation, endlessly figuring out ways to understand the process without possessing the tools needed to accomplish such a feat. In cognizance of this alarming issue surrounding people’s ability to manage their finances, Credit Power LLC steps up and addresses the gap.

Widely acclaimed for its incredible track record, Credit Power LLC emerges as a sought-after entity in the realms of business, finance, and entrepreneurship. When the global pandemic reached American shores, hundreds of thousands of people were afflicted, with the economy on the verge of a collapse. Credit Power was among the most influential companies in the crisis, assisting 313 people to become first-time homeowners and assisting 1,069 reach credit scores over 700, helping them stay afloat in one of the most challenging events in modern history.

For years, this go-getting enterprise has managed to distinguish itself apart from its competitors, earning countless praises from industry powerhouses, patrons, and peers, slowly cementing a reputable stance across the trade. Highly driven by the mission to deliver the promise of success and financial freedom among its clients, Credit Power makes its mark in the industry through the power of credit repair, credit education and focused financial management.

Passionately established by a credit education expert and financial powerhouse, Saloam Knox, Credit Power LLC is a champion in improving the financial lifestyles of individuals and communities across the world. Saloam is a champion of economic community  restoration who took her own credit score from 488 to 837. From repairing credit issues to imparting knowledge to help people gain financial literacy, this goal-oriented, results-driven, and veteran-owned restoration company serves as an effective platform where individuals can carve success-enabling paths for themselves. Saloam understands that personal financial health is a fundamental building block of positioning families for sustainable generational wealth. With over 20 years of experience under its founder’s arsenal, Credit Power is setting the bar high across the financial arena.

Being more than just a credit repair firm, Credit Power LLC takes pride in its exceptional ability to understand personal financial health while identifying unique needs and addressing the issues of each client. Its founder’s brilliant approach that unveils the industry’s best-kept secrets allows the firm to develop a wide variety of strategic techniques distinctively designed to improve the lives of individuals across the world. More impressively, the company’s fiery passion for helping others effectively shapes the client’s path towards financial wellness, allowing individuals to achieve their full potential.

“Above all else, we are dedicated to improving the financial lives of individuals and communities around the world,” Credit Power LLC founder Saloam shared. Saloam’s thoughtful approach to unveiling the financial industry’s best-kept credit secrets is changing lives. More importantly, her message of self-sufficiency is breaking the generational chains of poverty to transform communities.

“When my team consults with a client, we always start with ‘What is your goal and when do you want to achieve this goal?’It is very important that we understand what their needs are in order to provide customer care to propel them forward, whether it’s buying a car, prequalifying for a home, starting a new business, we can help them understand why credit is their character on paper and how to mend it through new habits and more knowledge around how credit works,” she said.

What distinguishes Saloam from others is that she is a subject matter expert with a specialized focus, and Credit Power produces quick results with a sustainable impact because the company is unlocking the credit algorithm for people who’ve been disenfranchised by not having access to that information.

At the core of Credit Power LLC lies the ability to exceed expectations by providing exemplary credit education among its patrons. Unlike other credit restoration firms, this emerging entity puts value in imparting knowledge to its clients, believing that financial literacy is one’s ultimate catapulting device to achieving success in effective wealth management. Because of its brilliant approach, 93% of its clients see progress within the first 30 days. On top of that, it has assisted THOUSANDS with becoming first-time homeowners.

As it continues to take significant strides in the financial space, Credit Power LLC hopes to allow more individuals attain financial freedom through the power of not only credit repair but also credit education. With the variety of techniques that this power player holds in its arsenal, it is clear that it is only the beginning for this rising company.

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