Ex-TenX President Julian Hosp Bounces Back and Launches CakeDeFi

Armed with the same passion for the future of finance, Julian brings to the market CakeDeFi, a platform allowing users to earn returns from their crypto and digital assets.

When former TenX President Julian Hosp had a major professional setback in 2019, he was left completely devastated.

“At the beginning of 2019, just when I got kicked out by my ex-partners, I thought I would never want to get involved in business again. I was completely floored,” he said.

Bouncing from a setback is never easy. This is what he realized after that fateful incident. Despite being a trauma surgeon, a professional kitesurfer, entrepreneur, and a blockchain expert who authored the books “Cryptocurrencies Simple Explained,” “Blockchain 2.0,” and “25 Stories for My Younger Self,” Julian still felt overwhelmed from all of it. Much of his thoughts can be viewed in his published statement at Medium.

“A lot of lies started circulating. The other two founders who kept all the money and have now completely disappeared, left me with all the blame. Just when I got kicked out by my ex-partners, I thought I would never want to get involved in business again. I was completely floored. Now, with Cake DeFi, we have close to 1 billion USD in customer assets from over 200,000 customers. In the second quarter of 2021 alone, we had over 100 million USD in revenue. I am so proud of the entire team. We did all that in just two years, while my ex-company now got shut down by my ex-partners this year,” Julian shared.

After taking a few months off, Julian, together with U-Zyn Chua, a lead engineer from his past company, established Cake DeFi on June 7, 2019. The company is on its track to become a unicorn. It also announced going for a PCAOB audit that would allow it going public in the future.

Cake DeFi is a cryptocurrency platform that generates constant cash flow for users. It’s a fully transparent platform too. Through it, users can hold their cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and defichain, so they’ll be put to work at the same time. Like the concept of stock investing, cryptocurrencies at Cake DeFi earn in the long run when kept and increased in value through compounding.Like the basic principle of his former company, Cake DeFi is made accessible to anyone. However, this time, Cake DeFi empowers people to be in control of their finances through cash flow creation. This is possible by harnessing the potentials of Decentralized Finance.Cake DeFi offers a range of DeFi products, podcasts, and educational videos that people can use to achieve financial freedom.

Cake DeFi is a business registered in Singapore. For more information on Cake DeFi, visit https://cakedefi.com/.

About Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi is a fast-growing online platform providing access to decentralized financial services. With Cake DeFi, users can generate returns from their crypto and digital assets for consistent cash flow or passive income returns.

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