Dr. Ghada Sfeir Launches a Public Debate on Cosmopolitanism for Canada’s Growing Diversity

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA – September 9, 2021 – Dr. Ghada Sfeir aims to raise awareness and advance understanding of the contentious social undercurrents at play in modern societies. Through webinar topics such as “Systemic Racism Against Indigenous People” and “Bill 40: The Future of English-language Education in Quebec,” Professor Sfeir exposes the socially divisive and racist nuances embedded in the various facets of Canadian Society. She also teaches courses on related topics such as “Culture, Power, & Politics,” “Transnationalism and Cosmopolitanism,” and “Diversity in the Classroom.” Sfeir has authored several academic publications based on this research (See www.ghadasfeir.com).

On April 30, 2021, Dr. Ghada Sfeir hosted an expert panel in an online event entitled Roundtable Symposium: Cosmopolitanism for Canada’s Growing Diversity: A Better Strategy Than Multiculturalism?. The distinguished keynote speakers engaged in a constructive discussion wrestling ideas about the successes and shortcomings of multiculturalism in Canada. They provided their valuable insights into the complexity of bridging the gap from multiculturalism to cosmopolitanism in social, political, and economic arenas, and how the school system should respond.

If interested, you can hear the entire recorded discussion at www.ghadasfeir.com.

The public debate on this question of national interest – (Cosmopolitanism for Canada’s Growing Diversity: A Better Strategy Than Multiculturalism?) – will continue online on October 1, 2021 (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST). This upcoming webinar will further the discussion on negotiating the meaning of cosmopolitanism, its feasibility and desirability in the Canadian context, as well as its limitations nationally and internationally.

Contrasting and intersecting perspectives on cosmopolitanism will be presented and discussed by the following academic leaders:

• Professor Ratna Ghosh, Distinguished James McGill Professor and Macdonald Professor of Education
• Professor George Dei, Professor of Social Justice Education & Director of the Center for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT)
• Mr. Pitseolak Pfeifer, President, Inuit Solutions
• Mr. Noel Burke, Member of the Minister’s Advisory Board on English Education in Quebec
• Mr. Luke Sumich, Leader of Learning (Principal), Ormiston Junior College.

Registration for this online event is free; however, space is limited. Register early at https://www.ghadasfeir.com

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