Premier Waterproofing Group Shares best practices for homeowners

Premier Waterproofing Group Shares best practices for homeowners
A locally owned and operated Pittsburgh company, Premier Waterproofing Group, is announcing ways that homeowners can protect the value of their homes.

Pittsburgh, PA – September 10, 2021 – Premier Waterproofing Group wants Pittsburgh homeowners to know how they can protect and preserve their most valuable asset: their homes.

Foundation Failure

Waterproofing a leaky basement is a vitally important way to safeguard homes from further damage and huge repair bills.  When there is water leaking into the basement it signifies a major problem.  It’s possible that the foundation walls are cracked.  When a foundation begins to fail, the house will start shifting. It no longer sits on a firm foundation.

Doors and windows won’t close properly. Floors may begin to buckle as the subfloor shifts beneath them. When a foundation is shifting, drywall will show cracks at the upper corners of doors.  If a homeowner sees cracks or notices any of these other signs, it is very important to schedule Pittsburg waterproofing by Premier Waterproofing Group.


Another critical reason to waterproof a basement is the issue of mold growth.  When a prospective buyer enters a home, the first thing they notice is the way the house smells.  If there is mold growing anywhere in the house, homeowners won’t be able to mask that moldy smell, and they lose value in their home.  

Not only does mold growth make it difficult to sell a home, but it also is hazardous to the health of the occupants of the house.  Children especially are susceptible to developing respiratory problems and possibly asthma.  Particularly if the playroom of the house is located in the basement, residents will be exposed to the mold for long periods of time.


Another reason why basement waterproofing Pittsburgh needs to be done promptly is because of the harsh Pittsburgh winters.  The alternating freeze and thaw cycles of a typical Pittsburgh winter can contribute to the leaky basement problem.  The water leaking into the basement will not just magically go away on its own, it has to be fixed.  

Added Expenses 

Ignoring a leaky basement only brings more expenses later on.  If Pittsburgh experiences heavy rainfall, the leak may become much worse and homeowners will have to get someone to pump out the water.  Most homeowners use their basement for their washer and dryer.  If appliances get flooded they will have to be replaced.  Homeowners also use their basement for storage.  Many items will have to be thrown out if they get wet.  


Luckily there are many ways for homeowners to fix the leaky basement problem.  Premier Waterproofing Group can put in a sump pump.  If there are foundation issues causing the leak, Premier Waterproofing Group can repair the cracks and gaps and waterproof the walls and floor.  

About Premier Waterproofing Group

Premier Waterproofing Group services the entire greater Pittsburgh metro area.  A hometown company, they provide free estimates on waterproofing Pittsburgh, foundation repair and stabilization, drainage systems, French drains, trench drains, and any kind of concrete work.  They pride themselves on always doing things right the first time. 

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