How to win the second half of the children’s smartwatch, Meicam empowers imoo Watch Phone in a new direction

The children’s smartwatch industry has been booming in recent years, attracting many manufacturers to share the cake. There are hundreds of mainstream children’s smartwatch brands on the market today, which shows that competition in the children’s smartwatch market is very fierce.

As one of the most popular children’s smartwatches in China, imoo Watch has a huge user base among the students. The imoo Watch Phone’s sales volume was not only reached the TOP1 among many domestic children’s watch brands but also was listed in the global smartwatch market TOP5 last year. The reason why imoo Watch can become the global leader in the kids’ smartwatch industry is not only their excellent product performance and diversified product functions, but also their social attributes for children.

In the fast era background, kids always attracted by the fresh and complex incidents , they are desperate for the feelings and thoughts sharing with their friends and family Children’s social needs are more exuberant and urgent, and then children’s smartwatches have become a natural “bridge” for children to socialize. imoo Watch builds an independent social ecosystem based on children’s usage habits and social needs. Children only need to use the “touch” function in the watch to make friends online for communication and learning.

With the continuous updating of children’s smartwatches, most of them have social functions with basic voice and text chat tools. In order to gain more advantages in the market, imoo Watch was added the short video funtcion in their device to adapt the social needs Recently, The brand new imoo Watch Phone Z7 was launched,  Along with the Z7, the Polaroid APP was released at the same time,which is a short video app for Children’s tailored only.

The prevalence of short videos create good opportunities for imoo Watch. The innovative model of “short video + education” can not only popularize scientific knowledge entertainingly, but the strong interactivity can also enhance children’s sense of participation. According to children’s cognitive characteristics and learning habits, imoo Watch has already begun to actively deploy video capabilities. While strengthening the core competitiveness of the product, it strives to fill the gaps in children’s video content in the market.

As a leading domestic video and audio service provider, Meicam(Meishe) has provided underlying technical support for smart video and audio to many domestic and foreign head companies. According to the needs and application scenarios of imoo, Meicam customizes full-process smart video and audio solutions to provide children with novel and personalized video content applications.

The imoo Watch Phone has 5 million + 13 million pixels front and rear dual cameras, which can fully meet the needs of children’s photography. In order to improve the quality and fun of taking photos and videos, Meicam introduced a variety of auxiliary functions to highlight the children’s personalities. Meicam uses accurate face detection technology to perform intelligent image processing during watch shooting, realizes real-time beauty function, and a wealth of prop effects, including 2D/3D, face prop effects, and others, which brings better shooting entertainment experience, and show the most beautiful side of the child. Users can also use the filter function to enhance the effect of video pictures. In addition to the common color filters, it also contains a variety of filter forms such as borders, foreground animations, and so on.

The launch of “one-click filming” helps children to complete video creation more simply and quickly. Children only need to import a series of video clips, through intelligent detection, identification, analysis, intelligent editing, and packaging, and it will add appropriate music and rhythm, with screen special effects, quickly forming a professional video. In addition, children can also determine the time of the video by choosing a fixed packaging template, which provides the template effect to quickly output VLOG videos. There are no barriers to video creation, and children can easily create video works through imoo Watch. In addition, the imoo Watch also has a large memory of 1GB+32GB. No matter it is photos or videos, children can save all the videos after shooting and editing, and record their own Vlog videos all the time.

In addition to videos, the “Photo Album” function is service for the images.  It only need children to upload a corresponding number of photos to quickly generate video through template packaging. In oder to make a gorgeous video with effects, kids can free to choose the related templates by themselves.  Thus to decrease the difficulty of video production for children.

imoo Watch Phone has a strong advantage in the domestic children’s smartwatch market, both in terms of market positioning and the product itself. In order to further expand the global market, imoo Watch chose to collaborate with Meicam to find a new direction for short videos in the children’s social circle.  It can be imagined that imoo excellent products will be able to enter more families with children and bring more convenience to children’s lives in the foreseeable future.

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