The keto diet is on the rise and is expected to grow over the next decade. Keto Cycle’s experts explain why.

The keto diet has been booming since 2016. Market analysts predict that it will become even more popular in the next decade. Keto Cycle – a ketogenic diet app – surveyed over 5 million people worldwide to shed more light on this trend. 

According to the World Health Organization, obesity has almost tripled worldwide since 1975, leading to many health risks and chronic diseases. 

Millions of people are turning to the keto diet to manage their weight and keep various diseases under control. 

Keto Cycle surveyed over 5 million people around the world to better understand this trend. They found that rapid weight loss was the primary reason for choosing this diet, followed by improved overall health as the second most important motivation. 

Their research found that 46% of respondents who want to try the ketogenic diet have underlying health problems, most of which are commonly associated with obesity: 20% of people report having high blood pressure, 10% have diabetes, 3% suffer from heart disease, and 1% – cancer.

Why is keto so effective? 

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet. Once the carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced, the metabolism switches to using fats instead of carbohydrates as the main fuel source, which in turn melts body fat – a state also known as ketosis. 

There is a scientifically proven link between the keto diet and better overall health. Medical research has shown it can help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. Other studies have examined the metabolic benefits of the keto diet for chronic diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and diseases related to insulin resistance. 

The Lead Nutritionist at Keto Cycle, Christine Ellis, explains why the keto diet is so effective at improving health: 

“Many health problems these days result from a modern lifestyle and being overweight. Getting rid of excess body fat has tremendous health benefits, and the keto diet is one of the most effective diets for losing weight fast. There’s good scientific evidence that patients on a ketogenic or very low-carb diet lose weight faster than participants on a traditional low-fat diet or even a Mediterranean diet.” 

Christine Ellis adds that many people get this diet wrong by focusing too much on the wrong kind of fats, such as eating too much bacon or processed foods high in saturated fats. It is important to get this diet right to reap the benefits. 

Keto Cycle uses science and health data to ensure people receive personalized, balanced, and nutritious meal plans to improve weight, health, and well-being. 

The ketogenic diet is not a fad 

According to a recent market report, the global Ketogenic Diet Market is expected to grow from USD 9.59 billion in 2020 to USD 15.60 billion by 2028. North America is expected to dominate the market share in the future. The market in Europe is also predicted to grow rapidly as ketogenic products and leading companies become more present. 

Market analysts suggest that the growing popularity of the keto diet can also be attributed to the increasing need for strategic weight loss programs, global enthusiasm for low-sugar diets, and the rising awareness about the health benefits and effectiveness of the keto diet. 

About Keto Cycle 

Keto Cycle is a ketogenic diet app designed to make keto easy from the start. It is an all-in-one solution for people who are starting their keto journey and do not know where to begin. The app was developed by nutrition and behavior experts to help people integrate keto into their daily lives.

Keto Cycle has already helped more than half a million keto enthusiasts worldwide regain their health and confidence. 

Their goal is to make healthy living accessible, affordable, and possible. The way it should be. 

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