How to improve the use efficiency of paper straws?

The production technology of paper straws has been continuously improved. Now many new paper straw products have been developed and designed, which not only consider applicable norms and regulations but also gradually expand and upgrade the application scope of paper straws. How to improve the application efficiency of environmentally friendly paper straws What?

At this stage, the continuous processing of pure natural raw materials can produce more high-quality basic raw materials, ensuring the production and design of paper straws, and the selection and application of raw materials can achieve more ideal goals. In addition, In the development, design and application of new machinery and equipment, the processing efficiency of paper straws can be significantly improved, and in the specific manufacturing, environmental sanitation and environmental protection regulations are met. At this stage, the paper straws used in the production and manufacturing Commodities can reasonably replace plastic straws for application and solve the physical and mental health regulations during the entire application process.

Since the plastic straws are in use, because the raw materials themselves have a certain degree of pollution, everyone will cause certain harm to their own physical and mental health in the whole process of long-term application. Moreover, after the plastic straws are used, they will also affect the overall nature. The environment causes different environmental pollution. Therefore, for today’s paper straw products, according to the structural design scheme and the deep processing of raw materials, the application specifications for physical and mental health and environmental protection can be completed, and the application of plastic straws can be reasonably replaced.

In the view of some catering industry, strict implementation of the “plastic restriction order” does not fully meet the needs of consumers and reduces the product experience of consumers’ psychological expectations. This is a loss to the brand. At the same time, many experts pointed out that the premise of “plastic reduction” should be convenient for people. While “limiting plastic” and practicing environmental protection, how can ERDONG ensure that customers have a satisfactory consumption experience? Drink shops and container suppliers are also needed. Joint efforts with consumers.

It is understood that the paper straws on the market are constantly improving and improving, and some manufacturers use pure wood pulp, which can generally be soaked in drinks within 80 degrees Celsius for two or three hours. The paper straws for milk tea are generally four-layer thick paper, which can withstand high temperatures for about two or three hours.

Whether it is a paper straw or a degradable straw, it is difficult to solve the environmental pollution caused by traditional plastic straws. In order to solve the problem fundamentally, in addition to designing more easily degradable materials through technical means, consumers should also reduce the use of plastics in daily life, recycle plastic products, and bring recyclable straws, shopping bags, Packing box, etc.

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