Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial – The Foremost Portuguese Release On Understanding Life Questions With Artificial Intelligence

Pedro Seabra, Angela Chan, and Ingrid Seabra are the three masterminds behind Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial. The book is a tool to get an insight into the philosophical world through the lens of artificial intelligence.

Singapore – Artificial Intelligence is the new hype today. The world of technology is booming with new and crazy ideas, and experts in the field continue to develop them every day. Although fed in by people, the processes of machine learning outcast some of the complex real-world problems that even humans fail to understand and interpret. One of these critical themes is those that require philosophical visions. Philosophy, unlike AI, is a traditional concept that entails various thoughtful perspectives on the origin, existence, and meaning of life and its whereabouts. Combining these two diverse yet extremely versatile concepts Pedro Seabra, Angela Chan, and Ingrid Seabra release their first-ever Portuguese book Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial that answers philosophical questions using AI. The three recognized authors collectively worked to provoke a constructive approach to understand metaphysical ideas utilizing machines. 

Philosophy is a broad subject. It has been in learning for hundreds of years. Various philosophers have given their views and theories on the ways of origination, existence, and purpose of life on Earth and beyond. Numerous questions arise in mind when one comes to think about life to start formulating its true meaning. Integrating artificially intelligent agents created by man into comprehending such fundamental queries has proven essential to influence life decisions. Instead of looking at such enormous concerns only from an ethnographic standpoint, the book, Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial uses AI to deal with significant philosophical matters. 

Although Artificial Intelligence may not beat human knowledge, it aims to assist humans in resolving their issues. The authors of Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial have a strong background in understanding the world from an experienced perspective, thus providing a reliable set of writings by effectively and wisely using AI in the sphere of philosophy. Ingrid Seabra is a graduate and professional in applied mathematics and statistics who furthered her career in research and education using pioneering technologies that are useful for humanity. Angela Chan is a venture entrepreneur and published co-author of the book, devoted her life to improving society by inculcating machine intelligence and other virtual reality fields of study. Similarly, Pedro Seabra is also an entrepreneur and venture capitalist whose interests are towards the fascinating universe of robotics, quantum computing, and other cutting-edge technologies that pose a social implication. Together, all three of them creatively offer a peep into the never-ending journey of contemplation and reflection of life, in Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial, which is fascinatingly a general appeal to most readers, especially those interested in philosophy or Artificial intelligence.

The book provides the readers with the opportunity to ponder on a wide range of topics. It delves into everything beginning from the meaning of God to the sensitivities of love and fear, hence offering a fresh perspective on old issues! In addition to being utterly entertaining, it provides a lot of food for thoughtful answers to questions that signify human familiarity in contrast to living with machines. Taking account of some common philosophical conceptions, Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial is a perfect combination of illuminating the wisdom by AI!

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-954145-22-1

eBook ISBN: 978-1-954145-05-4

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