An Inspiring Icon For Young Musicians All Around The Globe – Rob GEE Proves to Be a Staple for Young Music Enthusiasts Worldwide With His Latest, Most Exciting Music Video Yet

An Inspiring Icon For Young Musicians All Around The Globe - Rob GEE Proves to Be a Staple for Young Music Enthusiasts Worldwide With His Latest, Most Exciting Music Video Yet
Having previously topped the Dutch charts, beating superstars like Celene Dion, and the Spice Girls, Rob GEE continues to inspire and enthrall with his musical prowess, proving time and time again to the world that his limitless talents grow exponentially.

Rob GEE has been a staple for young audiences, and fans of hardcore, electronic music, for over 25 years. It seems like only yesterday that he was topping Dutch charts with ease, besting icons of the music industry like Celine Dion and the Spice Girls, but it was in fact 25 years ago that his iconic single ‘Ecstasy You Got What I Need’ was being hailed as his magnum opus. 25 years later, Rob GEE is going as strong as ever, and as an homage to the track that got him worldwide recognition, he will be putting out a limited-edition collection item picture disc from the release. But that is not all, Rob GEE has teamed up with his good friends at 100% Hardcore and will be releasing his infamous ‘NATAS, If you’re soft get lost’, line of apparel!

Rob GEE has been keeping himself busy with production as well as he has just finished recording and producing his latest music video for ‘1 Gabber Family’, which just proves and showcases how talented of an artist he is. Rob GEE has some amazing surprises in store for his fans. His next big project is to team up with Sid (DJ Starscream) who also goes by his creative name as #0 of Slipknot! Together, they will be working on a 4 Track Gabber EP. But that’s not all, Rob GEE has also been tapped by Fear Factory who have requested him to do a remix of one of their singles from their latest album! Rob GEE is certainly bringing the EDM world to the Rock World, something he is notoriously known for.

Rob GEE has upcoming EDM events scheduled for August 27th, September 5th, October 24th, and October 30th in San Bernadino, New York, Las Vegas, and Houston respectively. Moreover, he will be performing as the closing artist at ‘Electric Zoo’ in New York, and ‘Freaky Deaky’ in Houston.

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Rob GEE’s eclectic and electric music taste has trickled down into everything he does, every song he sings, and every cover he makes. He is recently working on a book that gives his fans a true behind the scenes commentary on his life, including a very personal insight into his battles with mental health and addiction. He has shown relentless positivity in the face of the most adverse of times- losing his best friend and grandmother, all whilst fighting his personal demons. Rob GEE has turned all of this into a positive movement – #PositivianVibes, which he hopes to turn into a non-profit community.

Rob GEE is an icon for young musicians around the globe, and his belief in the power of raw, hardcore music, makes him transcend borders.



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