TunerRack, just released new product line that is changing the way enthusiasts work on their cars.

TunerRack has designed unique low profile lifting pads that mount directly to most late model Subaru’s making it much easier to access the undercarriage.

TunerRack, a US based retailer and manufacturer of aftermarket performance parts, is changing how Subaru enthusiasts work on their vehicle. TunerRack first gained attention on social media with their unique, in-house designed and manufactured direct bolt on aluminum parts catering to Subaru owners that work on their vehicles at home.

TunerRack lifting pads and frame rail guards protect the vehicles jack points from getting damaged by floor jacks, lifts and axle stands.Regular lifting of the vehicle from its dedicated side pinch weld jack points may lead to damaging and in some cases even bending and delaminating the vehicles pinch welds/frame rail in most unibody vehicles. This type of damage may lead to the premature weakening of the vehicle’s structural integrity of the vehicle.When properly installed the TunerRack frame rail guards and lifting pads help safeguard the vehicles undercarriage and subframe and reduce the chances of any issues that commonly arise from lifting a vehicle from its dedicated jack point using garden variety floor jacks and axle stands.

All TunerRack frame rail guards and lifting pads feature a discrete, durable and lightweight aluminum construction that can be installed and easily uninstalled on most late model Subarus’ and Hondas’ and Toyotas’ within 30 minutes time.

TunerRack has also begun offering other automotive performance parts such as performance pitch stop mounts, Ball style shift knobs, LED conversion kits, Tow hooks and much more…

For a list of all current inventory items visit: https://tunerrack.com/

As a US-based business TunerRack prides themselves on their ability to manufacture all TunerRack branded parts and accessories locally in Valencia CA.

You can find more information on TunerRack new product line at: https://tunerrack.com/products/pinch-weld-frame-rail-guard-protector-2-part-set

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