These are the ideal sleepwear colours to flatter every body

London, UK – September 10, 2021 – What is it that we’re trying to say when we buy and wear beautiful sleepwear? On the surface, of course, we’re saying we’re attractive, but lingerie goes deeper than that. It is worn by confident women who are sure of themselves and by women looking for a confidence boost. What we might feel we lack, we make up for with a beautiful, silky nightgown. We show off the features we love and we pick a colour that communicates our inner thoughts and feelings. Each colour option says something different.

Black: A classic. Nothing says elegant, chic and sophisticated like black. When you’re looking to communicate a little mystery and show that you’re the one with all the power, pick a silky all black slip or a nightgown with black lace trim.

Red: It’s the most obvious colour when it comes to saying you’re passionate, attractive, fiery and intense. We wear red lipstick to draw attention to our lips because it shows intense excitement and desire.

Pink: Soft and sweet. Where red screams, pink whispers. Pink shows tenderness and a lightness of heart. Soft pink is feminine, youthful, and innocent. Intense hot pinks and fuchsias make an all black outfit a little more fun.

Blue: A blue nightgown is a little less mainstream than red or black but when worn well, it communicates something no other colour can. Since the middle ages, blue has been a symbol of loyalty. If you want to show that your affection is just for them, wear cool, calm, and relaxed blue.

Green: Walk into any sophisticated party and you’re sure to see black, red, pink and white gowns. Walk in wearing a deep, shimmery, silky emerald dress and you’ll be sure to turn heads. There’s a reason they say someone is green with jealousy. Wearing green sleepwear is sure to drive them wild.

At Peaches and Screams, you can scroll for hours through hundreds of beautiful and alluring sleepwear and nightgowns in various styles. Pick from lacy little numbers or sophisticated, full-length black nightgowns. With the right colour, cut, and fabric, Peaches and Screams is sure to give you the confidence it takes to walk into the room sure of yourself and ready to exude charm and confidence.

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