Wayland Asset Management speak on adjusting to the pandemic

Wayland Asset Management speak on adjusting to the pandemic

With the world shaken up and no industry left unaffected, it is normal to see many businesses change how they operate to accommodate for the new way of life. With many offices closing their door for good or shifting to a permanent ‘work from home’ ethos, it has clearly been a struggle for everyone to find ways to carry on as normal as possible.

Wayland Asset Management is no exception and they too have also had to learn to adapt to the new way of living and working. They have implemented many strategies that will aid the transition of the old to the new.

With the main working areas separated into individual sections with added comfortability to accommodate for the fact that the team will feel a little more isolated at times. Extra sanitizing stations dotted around the offices, with a clear one-way walking system to reduce the crossing of paths in tighter spaces. These are just a few ways that Wayland Asset Management has carefully executed their plan to help ease their team back to life post pandemic.

Mr. William Thomspson (Head of International Trading) said:

“We highly value the safety of our team and have really taken our time to ensure that the working environment we create here at Wayland Asset Management is unmatched. We aspire to be on the top list of places to work, not only for our achievements but for the working environment we create and manifest.

“We truly believe that a great working environment is as important as any other aspect of our business. When our team feels comfortable and happy at their place of work, it creates the perfect harmony for outstanding work ethic and success within our company.”

With more and more institutions and business having to make major adjustments to the new way of living and working, it is interesting to see the different approaches that they all take. No one knows how long this phase will last or what is around the corner with new variants or further lockdowns, but it is good practice to prepare as best as one can to ensure there is no further down time for the businesses who rely on a team environment to thrive.

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