Trail & Bone Turns Aggressive Dogs into Loving and Playful Pets

This online dog training school helps owners live a fun and stress-free life with their dogs.

Statistics say that many dogs across the country are surrendered to shelters because of aggression and reactivity. Sadly, most of these dogs do not receive the proper rehabilitation that they need, and instead, they are put down without being understood.

This is one of the reasons why Jon Somers established his dog training school, Trail & Bone. Strongly based on his experience with his once fear-based aggressive dog Gibson, Jon is dedicated to helping owners of aggressive/reactive dogs turn their pets around and have a chance to enjoy life with their fun and loving fur animals.

According to Jon, Gibson was a fearful and anxious puppy when he was adopted from a shelter. When Gibson grew up, he became a fear-based aggressive dog and had a bite history. This became a problem for Jon and his family. Jon contacted many dog trainers in the hopes of helping Gibson but to no avail. So with a move to crowded downtown Chicago imminent, he decided he would fix Gibson himself. After countless trials and errors, much patience, and love, Jon was able to see the changes in Gibson. From a fear-based aggressive dog who would snap at anyone at any time, to the fun, playful, loving, and loyal dog that he is now.

With his success, Jon hopes to share the techniques that he used to rehabilitate Gibson with owners who are currently dealing with his previous problems. “Aggression and reactivity can be fixed,” shared Jon. “With aggressive/reactive dogs, The most important part is the education of the owner. My goal with Trail & Bone is to do just that, teach owners how to fix their best friend’s aggression, because they’re the only ones who can do it permanently.”

Trail & Bone offers aggression/reactivity training that works. It provides committed dog owners with the proper knowledge and information needed to fix their dogs’ problems for good. Trail & Bone’s programs focus specifically and exclusively on human, dog, and leash aggression/reactivity. “I teach what I know and what I have experience doing myself,” Jon said. “Gibson was aggressive towards people and other dogs, and was reactive on the leash. Those are the issues I fixed with my dog, so that’s what I teach.”

About Trail & Bone

Trail & Bone is dedicated to helping owners of reactive/aggressive dogs rehabilitate them by providing committed dog owners with the education and information they need to fix their dog’s aggression or reactivity for good. Trail & Bone is owned and managed by Jon Somers who personally experienced the challenges and stresses of aggression and reactivity with his dog Gibson.

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