Couple Releases New Book On Personal Finance To Help People Find Financial Freedom

In an attempt to help “ordinary people” achieve financial freedom, Jamain Graveney and Leanne Graveney have published a new personal finance book, Avoiding Broke. The couple – Jamain who is a banker and Leanne who is an economist – reveal the key personal finance ideas and tactics they used to start from nothing and create personal wealth and financial freedom.

The book lays out some of the common mistakes people make with money, the key principles the wealthy use, key ideas about income and expenses, and simple, clear steps anyone can follow to improve their financial health and ultimately achieve financial freedom. 

According to Jamain Graveney:

“The lack of personal finance knowledge and financial literacy is worrying. People across the world are suffering financially – we wanted to provide people with an accessible and affordable guide to improving their financial wellbeing in order to improve their lives”. This was why we first started a YouTube channel and then expanded into writing books. 

Leanne Graveney continued:

“There are lots of people selling courses online and offering opinions about wealth-building via social media, but some of them have not actually amassed any individual wealth and can lack experience. We wanted to use our experience to try and help people to make real, sustainable progress in their lives. Our message is simple – anyone can have better finances if they understand money.”   

Avoiding Broke is deliberately a short book that explains sets our a clear message and encourages people to go out and take action. Jamain and Leanne also have regular engagement with their community via their YouTube channel, TikTok videos, Instagram posts, the Avoiding Broke podcast and the Avoiding Broke blog. In this respect the team is bringing a modern approach to traditional personal finance, all based around a community of people who want to improve their finances and their lives.

Beyond the Avoiding Broke book, which is the foundation of financial freedom, there are other building blocks that are important. Explaining his vision, Jamain Graveney said:

“Leanne and I ultimately want to support people in achieving their greatest potential and enjoy freedom in life – this includes financial freedom, personal development and wellbeing. In addition to the Avoiding Broke book, our other social media content tries to develop our thinking even more. We will dedicate our time and efforts to providing valuable content to help people achieve freedom in life.”  

Click here to purchase a copy of Avoiding Broke on Amazon for global distribution.

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