SpotEatery: The Gateway for Building a Stronger Community

A platform that connects you with your neighborhood restaurants, groceries, and non-profit organizations.

The proportion of poor households in the United States is soaring. Just this year, a projected 54 million Americans will go hungry. The masses could no longer rely on the government to tackle the country’s hunger problem. Everyone in their communities must unite together to assist underprivileged families by ensuring they never go famished anew. The same thought inspired SpotEatery, the restaurant and grocery connectivity platform leading this effort. SpotEatery makes it simple for philanthropic people to purchase and distribute supermarket eGift cards to any underprivileged family in their vicinity. Furthermore, it avoids the risk of handing out cash by ensuring that the funds are used to feed hungry households.

SpotEatery is the vision of a group of young, eager, and compassionate people on a mission to enrich the community. To bring this vision to life, they founded SpotEatery, a company that partners with local nonprofits to help them in maintaining a stable cash stream while also serving the impoverished through their grocery and restaurant network. They assist retailers in selling their eGift cards to get new and retain existing neighborhood customers, which increases income, promotes and advertises their brand, and keeps current customers engaged. 

SpotEatery has collaborated with numerous restaurants and grocery stores in all neighborhoods throughout the United States. The goal is to bring together all local restaurants and grocery stores on a unified platform where customers can purchase eGift cards, non-profits can run campaigns and businesses can donate a portion of their revenues to a non-profit of customer’s choice. Non-profit organizations affiliated with SpotEatery can also use their supermarket networks to feed needy families without maintaining a costly food bank. Correspondingly, for restaurants, groceries and non-profits to partner with SpotEatery simply contact customer support. This will help them in extending their services so that more low-income families are served. The SpotEatery app is brilliant in that it nullifies the need to manage large pantries full of food which incur high operational costs.

People can use a SpotEatery grocery e-card to purchase food at countless different grocery stores and restaurants in their neighborhood. Charitable organizations and nonprofits are no longer required to provide food directly. They can devote all of their money and resources to these e-cards. As a result, they will be able to assist even more families than ever before.

SpotEatery’s vision encapsulates its core values. They believe that everyone has the basic right to food and that if people in the community are denied this right, society will never grow stronger. They assist non-profits in maintaining a consistent revenue stream, feeding the poor in the neighborhood through a merchant network, and increase the revenues of local merchants.

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