Beautélanin Set To Revolutionize Skincare for Black Women With its All Natural Skincare Range.

Beautélanin Set To Revolutionize Skincare for Black Women With its All Natural Skincare Range.
Beautélanin is an emerging skincare line that represents a new approach to skincare with its range of clean, toxic-free products exclusively formulated to help black women and women of color achieve their desired skin goals

September 13, 2021 – Long Island, New York – For centuries the beauty and cosmetic industry has neglected the needs of people of African ancestry despite being the second largest group of consumers of cosmetics products. Black women spend over $7 billion on these products annually, but they are still under-served by many leading white-centric skincare brands. Furthermore, most products by contemporary skincare manufacturers don’t reflect the wide range of skin tones and hair textures they have and these exclusionary beauty products don’t yield the desired results and are harmful to their skin as they weren’t created for them in the first place. To bring diversity and inclusivity in the beauty world and fill this gap of the absence of effective skincare products for women of color Judith Pluviose an art enthusiast, an attorney at law, and a certified skincare formulator, has founded an all-natural skincare brand “Beautélanin,” i.e., a portmanteau word made of beauty and melanin.

Beautélanin was inspired by Judith’s desire to create a skincare brand that was accessible and affordable for her fellow African-American women, so they do not have to get exposed to mainstream chemical-loaded skincare products creating adverse effects on their physical and mental health. This natural skincare formulation company is on a mission to improve the relationship between people of color and the beauty industry. Beautélanin aims to ensure this through their handcrafted, toxic-free skincare products making healthier skincare essentials available.

While engaging in the hustle of everyday life, people are exposed to all kinds of pollution, dirt, and stress making their skin vulnerable to a variety of skin problems. That’s why these days, more and more skincare consumers are choosing to use safe and effective beauty products. Beautelanin focuses on incorporating naturally derived ingredients in its products that target the skin requirements of black women & women of color. The range of products is crafted with care at a fully equipped home-based lab and is tested for microbial stability, safety, and efficacy in a local testing lab.

Beautélanin Skincare Company stands firm in its belief that a healthy planet is a better world for all. The brand’s commitment to sustainability shows in their usage of biodegradable material for their product packaging and shipping material, along with making sustainable choices when picking the ingredients. In addition, the company is 100% cruelty-free as none of its products are tested on animals and will never be in the future. The brand has already released cleansing and facial oils available for pre-order on their website, and a lot more is in the pipeline. In order to make their products accessible to the community country-wide and make shopping more convenient, the company is offering free shipping for orders above $75. 

For more information and to pre-order, visit the official website today!

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