J Flow Sets To Launch the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast in November of 2021

J Flow Sets To Launch the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast in November of 2021
International speaker and venture capitalist, J Flow, announces plans to launch the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast, a podcast series to create a community of Enlighten Millionaires around the world.

J Flow looks to build buzz, generate excitement, and tap into the curiosity of what the path is to be an Enlighten Millionaire with the launch of a new podcast series. 

“Our avatar for the podcast is someone who may be feeling stuck in a job they don’t like, someone who would like to change and want to change but don’t know how to take that leap forward. Our intention is to showcase the heroes’ journey for our Enlighten Millionaire guests who share what were the pivotal moments of their life,” said J Flow.

James Lin, popularly known as J Flow, personifies the journey to success, having a first-hand experience of pain and suffering due to feeling the scarcity of money and figured out how to become a successful entrepreneur. Attributing to the feats of being an early investor in disruptive tech making global impacts such as Heliogen and  Energy Vault, the author and entrepreneur aims to share his story to inspire as many people as possible across the globe. J Flow started with a few hundred dollars in his mom’s garage and has gone on to achieve success in investing in real estate, and being an early adopter of Bitcoin. The first-generation immigrant has created the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast to provide a platform for people to listen to the success stories of individuals who have walked the path to become an Enlighten Millionaire.

Enlighten Millionaire Podcast is about how anyone can look and leverage opportunities in life to create success in their life with an abundance mindset. The purpose of the podcast series is to be the guide and show how others can find the path to living a life of true abundance and inspiring at least 1,000,000 Enlighten Millionaires.

The podcast will feature industry leaders and change advocates in all walks of life who have made a difference in their respective fields.

For more information about the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast and to join the revolutionary entrepreneurship campaign, visit – https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/. The Enlighten Millionaire Podcast can also be found across social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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