NICE Cybersecurity Framework Gets Re-imagined by NetCom Learning

NICE Cybersecurity Framework Gets Re-imagined by NetCom Learning
NICE Framework Re-imagined
NetCom Learning, the leading IT and business training organization, redesigns the NICE Cybersecurity Framework to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap by identifying the various vendor-based certifications and creating a roadmap.

NetCom Learning, one of the world’s leading IT & Business training companies, re-imagined the NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) Framework by identifying the various vendor-based certifications and creating a roadmap. This roadmap will help organizations develop their workforces to perform cybersecurity roles efficiently and hone their knowledge and skills.

The NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) Framework, published by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), provides a common ground for organizations in the public, private, academic sectors, and the government to define professional cybersecurity work requirements. NetCom Learning’s NICE Framework roadmap addresses this by identifying different Cybersecurity learning solutions by leaders like EC-Council and CompTIA for upskilling the workforce. It helps organizations to build a skilled workforce by identifying and recruiting talented IT professionals, and upskilling and retaining them as well. The NICE framework further educates teams on the skills and abilities required to advance in their career graph.

NetCom Learning’s Practical Implication of the NICE Framework on the Cybersecurity Landscape to Create a Skilled Workforce

Creating a skilled workforce is the most important prerequisite for every organization. A skilled workforce places an organization in a better position in its risk management strategy, increasing its ability to withstand and combat cyberattacks to its IT infrastructure. Keeping this as a priority, NetCom Learning has used the NICE framework to create tools to define and provide direction on many aspects of workforce planning, development, and training, which is extremely beneficial for businesses. 

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) was founded in 2008. The public and private sector’s challenge to identify and assess the cybersecurity workforce led to the rise of the NICE Framework.

The NICE Framework is helpful for employers, cybersecurity workers, training and certification providers, education, technology providers, and the government. It is particularly beneficial for employers as it assists them in defining their cybersecurity workforces, identifying skill gaps, and determining efficient work roles for their employees.

For an organization to refine its cybersecurity infrastructure and processes, the fundamental requirement starts with defining organizational goals and actions to achieve them. Though this sounds like an oversimplification, the NICE Framework provides a structured approach for organizations in conceptualizing organizational goals into detailed individual tasks by:         

  • Translating organizational goals in departmental goals (called categories) such as, Oversee & Govern (OV) which is a level or department that looks into the cybersecurity leadership and management; Protect & Defend (PR) – a department dedicated to identifying, analyzing, and mitigating threats to IT infrastructures.  
  • These categories are further detailed into team goals (called specialty areas), like Incident Response (CIR) – a team who responds to cyber-attacks; Threat Analysis (TWA) – a team dedicated to identifying threats and their capabilities.
  • Finally, a set of work roles are defined within all the identified teams, such as Cyber Defense Incident Responder, Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst, etc. A set of task lists are assigned to them. Post this, the knowledge and skill areas are also defined for the cybersecurity professionals within these work roles to perform their tasks with acceptable efficiency.

This also provides modularity to the structure where the leadership can identify cybersecurity needs and act as per their priority. Furthermore, the NICE Framework provides a blueprint for communicating between organizations utilizing the same building blocks at the peer, sector, state, national, and international levels. This communication paves the way for new and innovative ideas for common problems, removes obstacles for new businesses and individuals, and improves workforce mobility.

As a pioneer in cybersecurity training solutions, NetCom Learning has acquired a deep understanding of the NICE Framework and has reinvented it as per the various categories and certifications of leading cybersecurity vendors. With NetCom Learning’s NICE Framework roadmap, employers can identify the necessary training and certifications that their workforce needs to perform their roles efficiently. It simplifies the most relevant work roles for the employees as per their career paths and lays down the foundation for the organization to recruit and train a highly specialized workforce.

NetCom Learning CEO Russell Sarder says, “We emphasize on the importance of having skilled cybersecurity professionals in every organization to safeguard its security posture owing to the ever-increasing cyber threats and breaches. NIST has been one of the biggest pillars in establishing cybersecurity standards. We are excited to be part of this revolution and look forward to bringing innovation by combining years of experience and expert solutions from the biggest global cybersecurity vendors like EC-Council and CompTIA.”

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