Nearshore Outsourcing as Proven Method of Saving Businesses Tens of Thousands of Dollars

ParallelStaff is an American company that offers premium nearshore outsourcing services.

According to the Washington Post, the wages for the vast majority of occupations in the United Kingdom and the United States are by far the highest.

Many companies, regardless of how mature or fresh they are, are struggling to balance between finding talented and affordable employees. Opting for either of the two extremes is a risk many project managers had to take due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which in turn had emptied the coffers of hundreds of companies.

ParallelStaff, an American outsourcing agency, wants to educate its customers in terms of the importance of nearshore outsourcing, emphasizing that it can help brands and businesses bloom in some of the most financially challenging times the world has ever seen.

In a recent post on ParallelStaff’s blog, the brand pointed out that the rapid digital transformation had “opened doors to numerous tech opportunities, and nearshoring is no exception.” Given that local talents are in such high demand, the cost-efficiency of nearshore employees has skyrocketed:

“Enhancing productivity while saving on costs to boost returns is every goal-driven company’s ultimate desire. As much as you wish to retain work and production within American borders, your sense of patriotism may take a toll on your finances as local talents are costlier and limited. On the flip side, nearshoring provides access to a larger talent pool of highly qualified software developers. Besides, unlike overseas partnerships, you’ll spend less on flight expenses in case there’s a need to travel.”

Aside from affordability and sustainability, nearshoring also brings the benefits of frictionless communication. Nearshore outsourcing is far superior to overseas partnerships, as it mitigates the differences between time zones. Additionally, meetings are drastically easier to host between in-house and nearshore teams.

ParallelStaff values trust, transparency, and dependability offering a broad roster of talents to companies worldwide.

The company’s nearshore outsourcing services have saved tens of thousands of dollars to dozens of brands ParallelStaff has collaborated with. ParallelStaff has helped eBay, Slack, Gap, Sephora, Brook, Synack, Trux, Santander, AT&T, and numerous other esteemed names become the leaders in their respective industries.

As the brand states, “the core idea of nearshoring is to seek expert-based (yet cost-efficient) assistance with IT tasks while staying current with your time zone.” Each of these elements is crucial in terms of brand deliverability, as each element helps integrate nearshored talents within in-house teams.

The age of digital transformation has led the vast majority of companies to nearshoring, and brands who fail to realize this are falling behind in the race. ParallelStaff’s main goal is to help brands and companies augment their teams through premium-quality nearshore outsourcing services while helping them save the much-needed money that could be invested into growth and expansion-based projects.

More information about ParallelStaff can be found on the brand’s official website.

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