Canada-based cognitive aging specialist Dr. Andrea Wilkinson launches online course to help optimize energy and vibrancy through behavioral changes

Cognitive Aging expert Dr. Andrea Wilkinson is helping people to find mental and physical vibrancy through a customized approach focused on lasting behavioral and lifestyle changes.

Toronto, Ontario – October 14, 2021 – Canada-based Cognitive Aging specialist Dr. Andrea Wilkinson is offering an online course that extends a step-by-step formula on creating lasting changes in daily life to achieve optimum mental and physical vibrancy and energy. Titled “Optimize Your Energy”, the online course is being offered by Dr. Wilkinson through her online brain health wellness community for adults, Brain Shape Inc. The course is available at 50% off for a limited time only.

“Life isn’t always fair and it’s not uncommon to end up feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or depleted constantly. The problem is more likely with people who are frequently struggling to find the motivation, energy, and focus to work towards their goals and desires. The truth is, most people know what they need to do in their daily life to feel good (e.g., eat well, get good quality sleep, manage stress, exercise etc.) but they are having trouble implementing the necessary lifestyle changes. This is where our online course will help them out”, stated Dr. Andrea Wilkinson.

“Our course, ‘Optimize Your Energy’, has been intelligently designed to help people bring positive behavioral changes through step-by-step guidance that will eventually enable them to find the desired physical energy, mental focus, and internal calm in their everyday life.”

One of the esteemed names in the brain health wellness scene, Dr. Andrea Wilkinson holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, with a specialization in Cognitive Aging. She founded Brain Shape Inc. in 2014 to launch an online community for adults who are looking to enhance their physical and mental vibrancy and energy as they age. 

The Cognitive Aging specialist promotes brain health across 4 main pillars: physical fitness, food & nutrition, sleep, and stress management. What separates her methodology from the rest is her “personalized” approach to promote sustainable behavior change and healthy aging through the Brain Vitality Method – Dr. Andrea’s signature protocol for attaining vibrancy, mental clarity, and wellness over the course of aging. 

“Every person is unique and so are the requirements to keep their brain and body healthy + active. In other words, there is no generic formula or approach to keep the brain + body healthy and energized. This is why I always proceed with a ‘customized’ approach to ensure that each client’s specific wellness needs are met at their best. Our online course will enable you to gain back control of your own life and learn the change in perspective needed to elevate your mental and physical energy so that you can show up in Phase II”, explained Dr. Andrea. 

Dr. Andrea also hosts a weekly podcast, named the BrainShape Podcast. The podcast covers discussions on the latest brain health research as well as shares interviews with experts in the field of health & aging. The “BrainShape Podcast” is available on all podcast platforms or you can listen directly through her website: 

The leading Cognitive Aging specialist is also a renowned public speaker who has presented at over 50 national and international conferences, and community events. 

For more information and to purchase the course at 50% off (limited time offer), please visit

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