What are the Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney
Swilling Family Law, a local Alpharetta, GA, law firm has provided some details for Atlanta area residents about the benefits of hiring a family law attorney.

Alpharetta, GA – The law firm of Swilling Family Law would like to advise people in the midst of a divorce that there are important benefits of hiring a family law attorney.

Georgia’s laws concerning divorce are very complex.  People involved in divorce proceedings don’t have the experience or the knowledge of the law they need to represent themselves in court.  

The foundational benefit that a family law attorney can provide is expertise.  They have spent many years learning the law. Their proficiency is a necessity in matters of representing their clients in all family law matters. Family law encompasses many areas.  Swilling Family Law understands that anything pertaining with family law is a very stressful situation for their clients.  It is important to work with a compassionate and personable family law attorney who understands each of their client’s unique family circumstances.

Child Custody and Visitation

Probably the most difficult area of family law is a divorce where children are involved.  The benefit of having an attorney who specializes in family law cannot be overstated.  An experienced family law attorney will focus on the best interests of the child.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

To ease the stress of a divorce, Swilling Family LAW advises Atlanta area residents to think ahead.  No one plans to get divorced, but sometimes it happens.  The benefit of hiring a family law attorney is that they can draw up either a prenuptial or a postnuptial agreement.  These agreements can protect a person’s property if a divorce happens.

Property Division

Under Georgia law, the division of marital property doesn’t have to be equal; it only has to be fair. But who decides what is fair?  This is another benefit of hiring a family law attorney.  Swilling Family Law understands that emotions run high in divorces and will be compassionate towards the family circumstances when property is divided.

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Attorney Melody Swilling of Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC, has been a practicing attorney since 2008.  Together with Attorney Brooke Durden, Swilling Family Law Firm has the knowledge of law, the experience, and the training to tackle any family law issue. Attorney Swilling brings compassion to her clients and a deep understanding of the difficulties of restructuring a family. 

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