The Implementation of the Integration Management System of Maiwe

In order to respond to the national policy of integration of industrialization and industrialization, promote high-quality development of enterprises, accelerate the integration of enterprise informatization and industrialization, and create sustainable competitive advantages that match the company’s strategy, recently, Maiwe Communication (stock code: 873461) integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization. The launch meeting for the implementation of the standard was successfully held in the headquarters. The CEO of Maiwe, the heads of various departments of the company and relevant personnel of the implementation of the standard attended the meeting.

The integration of industrialization and industrialization refers to the high-level and in-depth combination of informatization and industrialization. Informatization drives industrialization, industrialization promotes informatization, and a new path of industrialization. The integration and implementation of the two standards will further promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, enhance their competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development. The integration of China’s industrialization and industrialization is comparable to the industrial Internet in the United States and Industry 4.0 in Germany. It is a national strategic deployment.

In recent years, Maiwe Communication has actively explored the integration and application of informatization and industrialization in the field of industrial automation, driving the change and optimization of enterprise project management concepts and organizational structures. In the process, it has obtained a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and integrated the information management system Effective integration with quality, safety and environmental systems.

The launch of the integration of the two standards is an important decision to enhance the competitiveness of the company under the new normal of the economy. It is an effective means for the company to cultivate new capabilities and improve core competitiveness. It is also the company’s implementation of informatization and intelligence in recent years. The specific embodiment and planning requirements of the standardization and three integration strategy.

Maiwe hopes to thoroughly implement the guiding ideology of the new scientific development concept of “developing a modern industrial system and vigorously promoting the integration of informatization and industrialization” through the implementation of the management system integration of the two, focusing on promoting the integration of the two, and striving to achieve the three “combinations” “Promote intelligent construction, standardize its own information management, formulate a more long-term and stable investment plan in information construction, and accelerate the completion of digital, network, and intelligent transformation. Enhance the core competitiveness of the company and promote the company’s high-quality development.

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