Mental Health Tech Startup Launching in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Mental Health Tech Startup Launching in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Crystal Lake, IL, USA – A digital wellness hub for existing in person mental health or wellness practices. Launching November 1st, How’s Today? is a website that functions as a virtual wellness destination that in person (non telehealth only) therapists can offer their clients as an add-on resource between sessions of therapy.

Available 24/7, a feed of mental health content and wellness resources assists those living with mental illness manage time healthily between sessions of therapy, as well as a weekly newsletter that curates from government, nonprofit and academic wellness sources.

A streaming service specifically built for mental health & wellness, and tailored towards the specific needs of clients of in person therapists. Unlimited access to free virtual live yoga classes, art classes, cooking classes, meditations, gardening classes, walking groups, and more will be available for clients to access, as well as recordings to watch at their own pace, bridging the gap between time spent in and out of therapy.

Mental health practitioners have a portal where they can blog directly to patients, or schedule virtual/in-person events for their practice’s clients. Lists of resources are curated and made available, like free support groups and emergency services. Every day there’s always something new to sustain a clients’ wellness.

Patient dropout can be 40-60% over the course of treatment. How’s Today? was created to help fix this problem. Mental health recovery takes time, isn’t a linear path, and is unique to each person’s experience. With How’s Today? clients are empowered to take learnings from therapy and find real world ways to manage their mental health. Every day there’s something new to support them in their journey.

How’s Today? is launching in downtown Crystal Lake, out of a newly built livestreaming studio. If you are a private practice therapist, mental health practitioner, or provider of a wellness service that would like to join How’s Today?’s launch, join today for a 6-month free trial.

For more information, visit our website at or follow us @hwstdy on social media.

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