What the FUD is this? NFT Collection ‘FUD Society’ ironically regroups all the worst behaviors in human “InVeStOrS”.

FUD Society is a game changer in the NFT community, with its amazing art and very promising roadmap… Investors will fight to get one! Get your Ethereum wallet ready!

Anyone in the Crypto and NFT space are very familiar with the word FUD. FUD which is infamously associated with negativity in the market stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, the three things that can shake an investor or a collector and drive value down in a project thus resulting in downward price action. FUD plays on the market’s sentiments and turns even a great project with promising potential into something new investors stay away from, at least in the short term until the situation calms down and faith is restored. This concept of how an entire market or project could be moved by FUD fascinated a local Quebec based Illustrator to get in the game himself to prove FUD is only temporary and that the Crypto and NFT space have real value irrespective of what FUDers will say.

Riwan Fezzoua famously known in the art scene as ‘RIWANITO’ has been fascinated by the idea of an NFT since it’s inception, as an Artist himself, he sees the value of Art being non-fungible, as it is rewarding the artist for the time and effort they puts into their masterpiece and at the same time it provides a unique one of a kind asset for the the art collector/buyer which he or she can proudly own as it’s authenticity cannot be forged or duplicated thanks to blockchain technology.

Seeing the value that NFTs bring and the variety of real world use cases that it can achieve, especially in the Art Industry RIWANITO was inspired to release his own collection of 9,999 NFTs, and seeing the baseless and false FUD around a concept as amazing as an NFT, he ironically named his collection ‘FUD SOCIETY’. The collection comprises ERC-721 generative tokens that regroups all the worst behaviors in human “InVeStOrS”! The illustrations are comical and yet edgy and have a mix of vivid bright colours combined with wacky shapes and objects mixed in to compliment the simple caricature of what the artist Imagines a typical FUDder to look like. And to highlight the irony in his art, RIWANITO has also incorporated phrases like ‘FUD You’ and ‘FUD for Life’ in the the form of badges, T-shirts and other items, in his collection, as if to mock the community that don’t believe in the potential that NFTs have in the future. The project has an interesting roadmap as well, and aims to create a healthy and positive community of NFT holders by creating multiple storylines and integrations with The Sandbox. The initial mint will give you a chance to get one of the following types of FUDDERS – 1) Regular FUDDER 2) FUD CONQUERORS 3) TITAN FUDDERS.

The public minting date for the FUD SOCIETY collectibles will be announced once Pre-Sale is full (1000 spots total). To follow along on the project’s progress and keep up with the latest news and announcements directly from the FUD Team, make sure you follow them on Social Media –

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fudsociety/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fudsociety/

WEBSITE: http://fudsociety.com/

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