Rising like a phoenix Leading Latino actress Angie Jerez marches into entrepreneurship with new travel company

After surviving a harrowing relationship and emotional abuse, actress Angie Jerez is all set to start her life all over again with her new travel company.

Middlesex County, New Jersey – October 15, 2021 – “Refuge From The Storm”-fame actress Angie Jerez is pleased to announce the launch of her new travel company this month. Titled “Casa De Ocio” (House of Leisure), the company is aimed to help people (especially women) travel places around the world at very affordable rates.

Angie’s decision to foray into entrepreneurship comes after her successful fight to overcome an emotionally abusive relationship. Emotional abuse can break or make people. Like many, Angie too had suffered from a traumatic past due to her narcissistic boyfriend. But unlike many people who break down in the face of adversities, Angie refused to bog down and bounced back even stronger than ever.  

“It’s an exciting moment for me to share with you all that I have just launched my new travel company, Casa de Ocio, this month. I had been through a rocky phase in the past; I was dating a narcissistic person who used to abuse me emotionally, leaving me sad and depressed most of the time. But, after being on the receiving end for far too long I decided I had enough and I must not bow down in the face of such menacing abuse and adversities any more. I have always been confident of my strength and I decided to end things for good to start my life in a new way- but this time through a new trail. Thus, I marched into entrepreneurship with my new travel company”, stated Angie.  

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Per her statements, Casa de Ocio aims to be a resourceful and reliable travel platform for travelers looking to plan trips without breaking the bank. The company offers a comprehensive range of travel booking services at fair rates, including trip planning, hotel booking, flight booking, and so on. Casa de Ocio will also offer affordable private jet and yacht rentals. 

While asked about her inspiration behind the launch of the travel company, Angie shared about her deep passion for traveling. 

“I am an avid traveler and have always loved traveling. So, when I was planning to start my life in a new way and launch a new business, I wished to begin it with something that I am deeply connected to. And, there couldn’t be a better match than traveling.” 

“I am happy with the way my new life is shaping up right now. I have finally been able to free myself from the clutches of a troubled past and I feel grateful to have found the strength to start all over again. I just want to say that emotional abuse is real and at least 3 in 10 women have faced that at some point in life. But, I would also like to add that women are strong too. They are powerful, don’t break down easily, and can always take charge of their lives.” 

About Angie Jerez 

A name of big repute across the Latino entertainment scene, Angie Jerez is an actor, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and also a doting mother of two. She has worked with the esteemed Univision and Telemundo production houses as well as has acted in several films, such as “Refuge from the Storm” starring Michael Madsen and also recently a  movie directed by Malik Yoba. 

For more information, please visit https://angiejerez.com 

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