Scott Kohl Releases Blockbuster New Book – “The Ships Are Burning” – A Bold Introspective Into The Post Covid-19 Workplace

Scott Kohl Releases Blockbuster New Book - "The Ships Are Burning" - A Bold Introspective Into The Post Covid-19 Workplace
This brilliantly conceived book takes a head-on approach to the changing workplace culture and how to develop a “New” workplace culture. One that answers the needs of both the employer and the employee. If there is to be a sustainable new normal in the workplace, who will become the leaders and who will be the followers.

Madison, Wisconsin – October 18, 2021 – The Covid-19 Pandemic is having and has had such a profound effect on peoples’ lives that it is obvious things will never be the same. The ability to earn a living from the established business model has been torn to shreds. One need only to think about how many people they themselves know who now have to struggle to earn a buck. All of a sudden, employees were told they could not go into the office. This situation, in reality, created a workforce desperate for not only work, but the desire to be with colleagues, versus the employers whose main interest was making a profit. 

There is no going back to a pre-Covid workplace. It will take bright minds with titanium backbones to step forward and lead the way. The new book by Scott Kohl, “The Ships Are Burning” provides an excellent basis of thought for its readers to formulate their own steps to take to be included in the new culture of the workplace. It can’t be to just stay home and sit in front of the computer all day, every day, in solitude. The human condition requires personal interaction with likeminded individuals, and others. 

Scott’s new book is a “No-BS Guide to Organizational Culture, Trust and Workplace Meaning”. Just what the doctor ordered. He lays out a realistic and practical approach to the possible future of the work environment and how it is ever evolving. It takes a populace to make such changes on a grand scale. 

During a recent interview, the author explained in his own words, “The Ships Are Burning is part catharsis, part rant, and part practical guide. Written while Covid-19 was just beginning to overtake the globe, it became evident the need for creating authentic trust and connection in the workplace was more critical than ever. With Zoom Fatigue, we learned video conferencing wasn’t the answer. Nor are the consultants with reports and PowerPoints in hand.” 

He went on to say, “Culture cheerleaders are still aplenty with platitudes and “Hang in There” posters. HR initiatives failed us. Leadership has too often not walked the difficult walk. And returning to normal (the past) is a complete fantasy advantageous to only a select few. The Ships are Burning provides a blend of narratives, examples and techniques woven together around the theme of Organizational Culture. There is a chance to save what is worthwhile, but it will require a new type of leadership, new attitude and new behaviors built on a culture of trust, purpose and connection.”

Reader Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Shane B. Bauer, a Verified Reader, had to say, “Great Read and Very Applicable for Today. In the work-at-home era, even companies that had strong cultures will struggle, as employees spend less time together and new employees have a harder time learning “how things work” through observation. This book contains great, ready-to-implement advice on building an effective workplace culture. Highly recommended.” 

About The Author: 

Scott’s twenty-five plus year career has been a journey working with traditional and mundane industries such as government, insurance, and utilities to more eccentric sectors such as the music and video game industries. Often Scott guided via use of technology and business practices, but it is the human dynamic that is most curious to him – especially when he launched his own startup ThirdSpace Inc. No matter the organization or company or domain, the human element creates the most difficult and interesting questions. It is solving the human challenges of our companies and society that will determine who survives and prospers in the long run. 

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