Jalaluddin Travel & Services Pte Ltd. Offers Premium Muslim Travel Packages

Jalaluddin Travel & Services Pte is an award-winning travel agency based in Singapore. The brand offers a comprehensive catalog of Muslim travel services, including Haj, Umrah, qurban, and more.

According to I’timaar“Hajj, the annual pilgrimage is held every year, and millions of Muslims gather together in Makkah to accomplish this fifth pillar of Islam. Muslims are required to perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has crippled all industries and the travel businesses have been affected more than most. Aside from the local lockdowns, the pandemic regulations have prevented the vast majority of the global population from freely commuting or traveling. 

Jalaluddin Travel & Services is among the handful of travel agencies that have worked tirelessly with relevant organizations to realign the new safety protocols and regulations for the “new normal” travel and pilgrimage. Ustaz Jalaluddin Hassan spearheads the team of Association of Muslim Travel Agent Singapore (AMTAS) to work on the reopening of pilgrimage for the Muslim society in Singapore.

At the same, Jthe alaluddin brand is fully committed in searching for actionable solutions that would enable Muslims to embark upon holy pilgrimages safely:

“With the recent announcement where Singapore placed Saudi Arabia in Category 2 *, Jalaluddin Travel & Services Pte Ltd cooperated with AMTAS to restart Umrah departure for Singapore Muslims in the near future. Surely many are looking forward to this opportunity. We can’t wait too! As we learn and ensure the protocols and instructions of this “new norm”, we invite pilgrims to register your wishes together as we perform Umrah worship in the near future.“

The complete list of Jalaluddin Travel & Services Pte’s services include Haj, Umrah, Badal Haji, Umrah + Ziarah Package, Aqiqah, Nazar, Sumbangan, Waqaf, Hibah, tour packages, and travel insurance. Additionally, Jalaluddin Travel & Services Pte also offers sacrificial services in addition to halal tour packages. 

Jalaluddin Travel & Services Qurban packages include Qurban Kambing Sheep at $190 in Indonesia; Qurban Kambing XL Goat at $350 in Indonesia; Qurban Kambing Goat at $230 in Makkah; Qurban Lembu Cow at $210, and Qurban Unta Camel at $2,300 in Makkah. 

Aqiqah packages include Aqiqah Kambing at $190 in Indonesia; Aqiqah Kambing at $280 in Makkah, and Aqiqah Lembu at $1,350 in the Vietnam Sector. 

Islamic group tour packages are currently being worked on. As the world is slowly opening up to travel again, so will Jalaluddin Travel & Services packages become available for Muslims worldwide. In the past year, some of the most popular Islamic group tour packages were Korea & Busan, Istanbul, and the Balkan States. 

Given that the Umrah Visa system was open on the 10th of August exclusively, the brand states:

“We ask that pilgrims also be patient and give us some time to understand the system and SOP of this ′′ new norm ′′ so that we can manage and guide your Umrah journey calmly and without sanctions. God willing.”

Muslims looking to book a Germany halal travel package are encouraged to visit Jalaluddin Travel & Services’ official website

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