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FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Who Will Join Denmark and Germany in the Race?

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FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Who Will Join Denmark and Germany in the Race?

October 18
11:44 2021

In the recent match-up held on Tuesday, Denmark was able to triumph over Austria in a 1-0 victory.

Danish midfielder Joakim Maehle surprised the opposing team as he scored a winning goal in the 53rd minute of the match, booking a World Cup ticket alongside Germany. The win leaves out eight remaining qualification slots at hand for group winners and ten more playoff places for the group runners-up.

And with the qualifying rounds nearing its end, the last two series of match-ups will ultimately determine the teams that will join Denmark and Germany in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Who’s your champion?

The remaining rounds of the qualifiers will take place in November but as early as now, people have already started supporting the early favorites. And while it has nothing to do with the game itself, it sure does help with the team spirit. However, regardless of popularity, only those who emerge in their respective matches will take their seat in the much-anticipated cup.

Are you excited? Refer to the schedule below for the upcoming matches.

Note: There will be a critical difference in circumstances with regards to each match-up as some teams only need one win while others need to beat two more contenders to advance to the next round. Learn more about the playoffs system here.


  • Thursday 11 November

Group A: Azerbaijan vs Luxembourg (18:00), Republic of Ireland vs Portugal

Group B: Georgia vs Sweden (18:00), Greece vs Spain

Group H: Russia vs Cyprus (18:00), Malta vs Croatia, Slovakia vs Slovenia

Group J: Armenia vs North Macedonia (18:00), Germany vs Liechtenstein, Romania vs Iceland

  • Friday 12 November

Group C: Italy vs Switzerland, Northern Ireland vs Lithuania

Group F: Austria vs Israel, Denmark vs Faroe Islands, Moldova vs Scotland

Group I: Andorra vs Poland, England vs Albania, Hungary vs San Marino

  • Saturday 13 November

Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Finland (15:00), France vs Kazakhstan

Group G: Norway vs Latvia (18:00), Turkey vs Gibraltar (18:00), Montenegro vs Netherlands

Group E: Belgium vs Estonia, Wales vs Belarus


  • Sunday 14 November

Group A: Luxembourg vs Republic of Ireland, Portugal vs Serbia

Group B: Greece vs Kosovo, Spain vs Sweden

Group H: Croatia vs Russia (14:00), Malta vs Slovakia (15:00), Slovenia vs Cyprus (14:00)

Group J: Armenia vs Germany (18:00), Liechtenstein vs Romania (18:00), North Macedonia vs Iceland (18:00)

  • Monday 15 November

Group C: Northern Ireland vs Italy, Switzerland vs Bulgaria

Group F: Austria vs Moldova, Israel vs Faroe Islands, Scotland vs Denmark

Group I: Albania vs Andorra, Poland vs Hungary, San Marino vs England

  • Tuesday 16 November

Group D: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Ukraine, Finland vs France

Group E: Czech Republic vs Estonia, Wales vs Belgium

Group G: Gibraltar vs Latvia, Montenegro vs Turkey, Netherlands vs Norway

*Time schedules for additional matches are to be determined.

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