Gregor Kaufmann Project Officially Releases His New Single “Inside Out” Featuring Emma Withers

After a long cling on the already made public hot single “Inside Out”, Gregor Kaufmann Project has finally let his hands off the brand-new track. Featuring sensational vocalist Emma Withers from Emma & The Idles, the official release was announced on 15th October, witnessing its first streams on the Gregor Kaufmann Project Spotify page.

Shivering in the warm vocals of the pop diva, “Inside Out” is another love ballad that will get the listener back in the moods of love. Confused but not giving up, the lyrics of the song cry out of a brighter side of the art of love that is yearned for by multitudes.

In the brand new single, Gregor Kaufmann Project painted a rare side of the mirror that displays someone in love but instead trying so much to call out for a leveled ground.

Dave Franklin confirms that “Inside Out is the perfect balance of grace and groove, it allows itself enough space to let the light in yet has enough going on within that it connects with the listener, lyrically, emotively and even resonates at a much deeper level. Or, to put it another way, it talks to the listener’s head, heart and also their soul. Isn’t that what you want music to do? Can’t mainstream music be both addictive and smart?”

“Give me all your second chances.”

With captivating lyrics performed by Withers, the leading-edge piece of music is set to leave the listener in a frenzy. This time, crying out for second chances, The Gregor Kaufmann project set out in a familiar direction to almost everyone.

Because love is a result of our hormones, man without love is usually partial. Living in love makes one optimistic and dreaming about the precious moments of life. Choosing to fight for this extra feeling is a game worth it.

With “Inside Out” now available for free streaming on Spotify, Gregor has come out to affirm that his brand-new single is by far one of his best creations in 2021. The song’s production, mixing, and mastering was done solely by Gregor. All its acoustics and ASMR sounds baffled into a beautiful piece of modern-day pop songs.

To listen to “Inside Out” now, tap on the link right below:

Gregor Kaufmann Project

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