Texas Author Brad Hanson Entices Young Readers to Historical Novel

Historical Fiction novel about the importance of Radar during World War II.

Texas author, Brad Hanson has made it his mission to share his latest book “The Secret Eye” with younger audiences hungry to know more about World War II history. On a recent Dan Bongino radio show, Representative Burgess Owens (R-UT) stated he believed we are losing our history through a deliberate attempt to re-write American history. “Representative Owens is correct, I am afraid that my grandchildren will not be taught what our World War II patriots did to ensure the freedoms we enjoy today.” Hanson reacted, “That is the reason I wrote this book!”

The Secret Eye tells the story of two young men who meet on the battlefield of the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Charlie Brand joined the Navy right after the attack at Pearl Harbor and became the best Radar operator in the fleet while serving on the USS Lexington. Hadaki Yamatsumi joined the Japanese military at the same time and through a series of events, becomes the Kamikaze pilot who hits the USS Lexington in November of 1944.

“This story captures the love both men had for their country,” Hanson said, “and I hope everyone who wants to know more about World War II will pick up this book. The Secret Eye received critical acclaim by Tom Gauthier from Readers’ Favorite Awards, a prestigious literary organization, stating The Secret Eye is a “fast paced, action-filled story that is recommended to those who enjoy learning mixed with entertainment.” Online Book Club exclaimed, “The Secret Eye is an enthralling historical fiction novel that ushers the reader to a new era of warfare… Brad Hanson did not fall short of my expectations.”

To make the story available to as many people as possible, Hanson has reduced the price of the e-book to just 99 cents. The book is available on Amazon and other retailers worldwide.

Brad Hanson is a first-time author living with his wife and two British Shorthair cats. The Secret Eye is published through BookBaby Publishing Company of Pennsauken, New Jersey.

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