American Rapper CamoGlizzy is Flourishing in The Music Industry

North Carolina, USA – Cameron Deshawn Giggetts professionally known as CamoGlizzy a.k.a FunnyCamo is a singer, songwriter, producer, influencer/entrepreneur from North Carolina. From releasing the new wave of music, to leveraging his online presence for business ventures Cameron occasionally speak at public speaking events about the power of entrepreneurship in the music industry.


The young rapper, who is currently based in Texas, wants to leave behind a legacy completely his own. He is simply a man that loves music. You can see how passionate he is about his craft just by scrolling through his Instagram feed. From a young age, he was always experimenting with different instruments, trying to create new melodies from scratch.

The young star from Texas hopes to one day use his talents to give back to the place where he got his start. He says that he would love to be recognized in his own community for doing things that help young kids become successful. He especially wants to influence kids that are artistically inclined. Mentioning that he would love to start an art community center in the future. He also wants to create a mentorship program in the hopes of showing young kids the ropes on what it takes to make it in any industry.

CamoGlizzy plans on making music for as long as he can. And even after his music career is over, he hopes to stay in the industry as a label executive or someone making plays behind the scenes. He knows that he will always have a passion for music no matter how old he is, and he hopes that he can one day look back on his legacy and know that he changed the music game forever.

As an independent, it isn’t really easy to get people to take the time to listen to his music, but that constant dedication and focus have been the key to CamoGlizzy’s success. CamoGlizzy also takes a moment to reflect on his success and emphasizes the importance of believing and investing in yourself. Through this mindset, he feels like he has benefited greatly.

To connect with Cameron on social media follow him on Instagram @funnycamo.

About CamoGlizzy

CamoGlizzy is a rapper, singer, and songwriter based in Texas, USA. Taking inspiration from musicians of past and present his music is reflective of his life experiences delivered with a powerful voice that comes from the soul.

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