Philanthropist Bineta Ngom continues to inspire readers to make a change with her personal stories compiled into a book, Becoming an Angel of Change

Motivational author and philanthropist Bineta Ngom continues to uplift readers with her inspiring collection of personal stories, Becoming an Angel of Change: Life Changing Stories to Help You Discover Your Strength, Your Uniqueness, and Your Purpose. She hopes that her work will empower others to unlock their full potential and learn to share their gifts with others through acts of service.

After a two month vacation in America, Ngom was inspired by American Philanthropism and decided to stay in America. Becoming an Angel of Change chronicles Ngom’s life before and after moving to America in 1994, leaving behind her family and young son to pursue her childhood dream of helping women and children. She discovers her calling as a public speaker and champion for personal growth. Ngom urges readers to critically examine their own lives to identify sources of disharmony and discontent, stating, “In every one of us, there is a book that can be written and shared with the world.” This energizing read is intended to ignite the philanthropist inside of every reader and promote interconnectedness between different cultures.

Leading by example, Ngom created the Family Bridge Foundation in 2006 to feed the homeless in Downtown Los Angeles while assisting single moms, widows, and children in her native town Bargny, in Senegal West Africa. During the pandemic, she teamed up with the native people of Bargny living abroad to create a second foundation, known as Bargny Diaspora, to take bolder actions for a bigger impact.

Becoming an Angel of Change is perfect for readers who prefer self-help and personal development guides that are grounded in real-life situations. By sharing stories from her own life, Ngom sets the example for others and provides actionable advice to step out into society as a confident, self-assured person. She hopes that her work will resonate with immigrants, parents, and women who may doubt their ability to create meaningful change.

Reviewers describe Becoming an Angel of Change as “full of wisdom” and praise Ngom’s resilience as she “transformed herself again and again until she achieved her childhood dream” of making a difference to those around her. In a time of global upset and mass migration, Ngom’s collection of stories is a timely reminder that the loneliness and uncertainty of the present are not forever.

Becoming an Angel of Change: Life Changing Stories to Help You Discover Your Strength, Your Uniqueness, and Your Purpose is available for purchase on or Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores. Ngom’s next book, Born to Serve: Recover from Stress, Depression and Anxiety while Finding your Purpose Through Philanthropy, is currently in development.

Bineta Ngom hopes to continue spreading her healing messages as a motivational speaker. She lives and writes in Los Angeles with her four children, and has a never ending passion for helping others.Visit her online at, and

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