Mostafa Essam: SocialMedia Marketing expert said Digital transformation provides huge potential for development

Mostafa Essam is a social media marketing expert now in Egypt. He is also the official spokesman for Captain Mohamed Elneny and Captain Hussein Yasser Al-Mohammadi on social media platforms.

Engineer Mostafa Essam, the international expert for marketing and communications technology, stressed that the digital transformation must become the strategic goal during the coming period within all institutions, whether governmental or private, noting that the digital transformation is an investment in thought and behavior change to cause a fundamental transformation in the way of work, by making use of Significant technological development to serve the beneficiaries faster and better.

Mostafa essam said that the digital transformation provides huge potentials to build effective, competitive and sustainable societies by achieving a fundamental change in the services of different parties, including consumers, employees and beneficiaries, while improving their experiences and productivity through a series of commensurate processes, accompanied by the reformulation of the necessary procedures for activation and implementation.

Mostafa Essam added, that digital technologies are witnessing a rapid development that may exceed its acceleration more than what it witnessed in its previous development so far, and it is not satisfied with networking and exchanging information between people, institutions and countries, but rather provides more capabilities that include the networking of things, and the implementation of complex cognitive processes and analysis of information, As well as directing mechanical machines to perform various tasks with unprecedented accuracy.

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