The Irresistible Woman LIVE Event Helps Smart, Successful Women Find Real Love

The Irresistible Woman LIVE Event Helps Smart, Successful Women Find Real Love

Michelle Roza and Gladys Diaz, The Love Twins of Heart’s Desire International
Live Virtual Event Utilizes Unique HeartWork™ Process for Relationship Success

October 18, 2021 – Women tired of looking for love in all the wrong places have reason to rejoice, thanks to the Irresistible Woman LIVE Event, October 22 – 24th. During this three-day live and interactive virtual event, participants will be given the exact steps that smart, successful women can take to stop wasting time on non-committal dating and start creating lasting, loving relationships with high-quality men now. 

Too often, busy professional women who want success in their love lives find themselves wasting time with men who aren’t interested in long-term commitments, or who seem to be intimidated by their success. The Irresistible Woman LIVE Event focuses on what actions are needed in order to break through whatever Love Barrier is preventing Mr. Right from becoming a life-long partner.   

“We kept hearing from successful, smart, powerful women about how disappointing the dating experience was because they kept attracting the wrong man, whether it was an unavailable man who was not aligned with being in a committed relationship or the really nice guy who just wasn’t a match,” explains Gladys Diaz, professional Certified Love and Relationship Coach and co-creator of the Irresistible Woman LIVE Event. “So, we decided to take them through the exact steps we took to attract our husbands, and it worked! We now have hundreds of women around the world in the happy, loving relationships they have always dreamed of!”

“Through our work, we discovered that what was having these women experience frustration and disappointment when it came to love and relationships were the Love Barriers – the fears, limiting beliefs, and patterns – that were repeatedly sabotaging their ability to create happy, loving relationships,” says Michelle Roza, the other half of The Love Twins, co-creator of the Intensive and also a professional Certified Love and Relationship Coach. “Additionally, these women were trying to apply the same skills that were propelling them in their careers to their love lives, but they were actually repelling love and intimacy in relationships. Once we walk a woman through the HeartWork™ process and help her breakthrough her Love Barriers, she begins to experience more confidence, ease, and fun when it comes to dating and relationships, and, in a very short amount of time, attracts a high-quality, commitment-minded man who is ready to create an extraordinary relationship now!” 

The Irresistible Woman LIVE Event is a live virtual three-day event for women, October  22 – 24th, where participants will experience the HeartWork™ process for attracting love and creating intimacy in relationships while removing the fears and barriers blocking them from attracting love and learn the skills to easily attract and meet the man of their dreams; reignite the love, passion, and romance in their current relationships; and create the extraordinary loving, lifelong relationships and lives their hearts truly desire.

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Gladys Diaz and Michelle Roza, a.k.a. The Love Twins are certified dating and relationship coaches and co-founders of Heart’s Desire International, whose mission is to ensure that every woman has the experience of loving and being loved every single day of her life. These international experts and speakers were named as Yahoo! Finance’s Top 10 Love Coaches.

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