26 Minutes to Save the World – One Humanity One World (OHOW) Global Social Movement

Our Collective global alliance has tentacles into many arenas of human activities, as befitting of its motto Consequi Magnificentia Per Bonitatem (Achieve Greatness Through GOoDness). One of the most prominent of these umbrella organization belongs to the youngest member of Our Collective – Andrea Wen, the Creator of One Humanity One World (OHOW) Global Social Movement. The latest edition of the OHOW conference series was entitled The Price of Peace, which included on its panel of World Speakers, the cofounders of Our Collective – Dr. Leong Ying and Teresa Nacli.

OHOW was launched in 2020 in the midst of the COVID pandemic, and its primary humanitarian focus is on achieving sustainable global peace through education. To accomplish this lofty goal, its creator – Andrea published the OHOW Manifesto that outlines her vision for humanity, and more importantly, targeted solutions. One of these solutions is the creation of the OHOW global education curriculum that includes languages, mathematics and peace programs; so that all students can learn the basic skills to read, write, count, and love humanity. To deliver these educational programs freely to all underprivileged children around the world, requires raising funds to purchase one million solar-powered tablets preloaded with the OHOW curriculum. During Dr. Ying follow up presentation, he compared the amount of funds need to accomplish this global initiative as equivalent to what money is spent worldwide on military expenditure in 26 minutes.

Other prominent World Speakers, included Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto, who outlined his Basic Income System, which recommends all eligible humans are entitled to a basic income with a monetary scaling of 1 to 10 between the poorest and richest members of society. A universal People’s Account will provide for free education and medical services to all citizens on earth. This scheme is an intermediary phase to a future world where money is no longer a necessity of living, and all humans will work collectively for the benefit of our common species, without eliminating the individualism and creativity of each member of society. Teresa Nacli gave her vision of building a Peace Center around the oldest Christian church discovered on her family’s biblical lands in the Golan Heights. Toby Tanser is a professional athlete and humanitarian champion, who is devoting his life to building healthcare systems in Africa for saving children, and as damning statistics he compared the 90% cancer survival rates of US children to that of African children who has less than 10% survivability. The final two speakers were David Karlsson, who describes the peace doctrines housed in The Knowledge Book, and Olga Kovtun describing how her global organization is trying to solve the human problems by changing our existing Consumer Society to one of Creative Society.


Our Collective: www.Our-Collective.com

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2021 OHOW Conference – The Price of Peace: https://youtu.be/CB3k1-b5-6I

Teresa Nacli’s Peace Center: https://vimeo.com/135746991

Toby Tanser’s Children Hospital: https://youtu.be/5ejxkDvl99I


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