Criselda Lopez Studio Jewelry Offers Contemporary Jewelry In Unique Designs and Styles

Criselda Lopez Studio Jewelry exhibits a fine collection of contemporary jewelry for passionate individuals.

Criselda Lopez Studio Jewelry, the brainchild of Criselda Lopez, an acclaimed contemporary jewelry artist, specializes in creating modern jewelry using mundane materials. Criselda works wonders with upcycled materials such as discarded bottles, including shampoo bottles, fabric softener containers, and laundry detergent bottles.  

“Driven by a fascination in finding beauty in contrast, I create jewelry that is bold in size, color and pattern,” says Criselda Lopez. “The non-traditional jewelry is intended for the passionate individuals who wish to make a statement about their image. The art to wear jewelry pieces act as a means of interaction with others and their surroundings performing as an instrument resonating innovation, authenticity and respect for the wearer’s individuality.”

Criselda collects discarded bottles and re-imagines them into beautiful and unique bracelets that are creatively designed. Her latest project is a 100 Bracelets series. These bracelets have been exhibited in many virtual and physical exhibitions.  

The brilliantly designed bracelets have been part of the exhibition displays at Outside The Lines, Monique Rancourt Artisan Gallery in M.A., and Joya Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain. It will be shortly displayed in Jewelry Off The Grid by Adornaxis as part of N.Y.C. Jewelry Week. 

In the 100 Bracelet series, the Criselda incorporates blends of geometric and organic shapes from discarded containers. She places a greater emphasis on color and movement in each of these pieces. The bracelets are hand-cut with a die and inserted into the vinyl piece. This allows each of the shapes to move on its own. The shapes combined purposefully evolve into wearable art of innovative, intriguing clusters, resulting in unconventional handmade bracelets.

The international contemporary jewelry artist uses mundane materials representing the common material’s beauty, adorning the hand. These bracelets act as the protagonist in the composition. Each material holds value for its unique qualities. Its importance is not seen through society’s perceived value of things.

Criselda has also created Pattern Gems. It is ready to wear contemporary jewelry collection. It includes earrings made from discarded containers and statement necklaces created from recycled materials such as textiles and Lucite remnants.  

Night Bracelet on a Model

Pattern Gems made a stunningly successful debut in New York City in Edge Designers’ wholesale show last September. The concept jewelry collection is now available for purchase in upscale contemporary clothing boutiques for women across the United States and Puerto Rico, including W.O.W. Wonderful Ornament for Women in MA, C.J.s Elegance in Los Angeles, Kompulsion Boutique in Puerto Rico, Art of Fashion and Moore in Florida. It will be available soon in the Statement Boutique in New Hampshire.

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Criselda Lopez Studio Jewelry was founded by Criselda Lopez, a Chihuahuan Desert based artist. She specializes in contemporary jewelry pieces that make use of silver and gold and unconventional materials such as plastic and rubber. She aims to question the value of the precious materials by creating a premium value for plastic and other lesser-valued materials. Her jewelry collections have been showcased across the world in some of the reputed galleries. 

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