Creative Bioarray Launched Comprehensive Blood-Brain Barrier Assay Services to Support Drug Development

Creative Bioarray announced the launch of its comprehensive blood-brain barrier assay services to support drug development.

New York, USA – October 19, 2021 – Creative Bioarray, the innovative biotechnology products and services provider, focuses on developing unique technologies and proprietary protocols to authenticate and develop quality products that drive innovation and standards in science. With high quality products and satisfactory services, Creative Bioarray devoted years of effort in facilitating the investigation of life science researches. Recently, Creative Bioarray announced the launch of its comprehensive blood-brain barrier assay services to support drug development.

BBB protects brain nerve tissue from the plasma composition of pathogens, and maintains the steady-state of brain parenchyma by restricting the non-specific flow of ions, peptides, proteins and even cells into and out of the brain. Many drugs developed to treat central nervous system diseases cannot reach the brain parenchyma at therapeutically relevant concentrations.

Therefore, it is important to characterize the BBB permeability of drug candidates as early as possible in the development pipeline. Creative Bioarray has established a number of in vitro blood-brain barrier models based on decades of blood-brain barrier research and operation experience and technology platform.

Creative Bioarray has established an in vitro blood-brain barrier model using primary brain endothelial cells, and performed in vitro blood-brain barrier tests, such as oxygen-glucose deprivation to simulate stroke conditions. Based on the culture of endothelial cells, astrocytes and pericytes, Creative Bioarray can use double and triple co-culture systems to generate in vitro BBB models.

BBB restricts pathogens from entering the brain, so its permeability is a key factor in determining the central effect. In addition, some neurological diseases, such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and brain tumors, are associated with impaired BBB function. Therefore, assessing the permeability of the BBB is essential for assessing the severity of neurological diseases and developing drugs for the treatment of neurological diseases. Creative Bioarray has established a simple, reliable and efficient in vivo detection method, which has been successfully applied to a variety of genetic and experimental mouse models.

In addition to in vivo BBB testing, we also provide in vitro blood-brain barrier testing services for the early stages of development, including MDCK-MDR1 cell model, BBB-PAMPA model and microvascular endothelial cell/astrocytic/pericyte model.

“Our scientific team provides expertise in DMPK research at all stages of development. We have extensive experience in designing, executing and interpreting the results of DMPK studies for multiple species. The research design and the selection of appropriate models are usually tailored to the goals of each project.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also claimed, “All research can be conducted by well-trained and experienced scientists under strict guidance. Our mission is to satisfy customers’ goals with excellent quality and service. And we can also offer customized solutions based on your needs to satisfy diverse research goals.”

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