Image Salon Studios Celebrates 10 Years In Business

Houston, TX – Now with a location in both Sugarland and Houston, October marks a decade in business for the Texas-based salon rental business Image Salon Studios. The company opened its doors with a disruptive market model, providing thoughtfully designed, well-furnished salon spaces specifically geared toward independent beauty industry professionals and hair stylists ready to elevate their businesses.

Image Salon Studios functions as a collection of mini-salons within the same facility, each operated by its own professional. Disciplines include hair care, makeup, massage therapy, facial treatments, skincare, nail care, and beyond—a great way to generate business and a major advantage to customers who can receive their treatments in one location.  

Within the beauty industry, salon professionals leave school newly licensed and face the choice of either working for a local salon or popular chain—or going into business for themselves. Stylists gain significant credibility when they can advertise their own studio rather than working out of their homes. However, setting up shop in a commercial space also comes with major logistical hurdles and significant overhead.

Image Salon Studios recognized the advantage of a rental model that allowed industry professionals to lease a salon space for a year and jumpstart their business growth with fewer expenses and less legwork. As an added bonus, the studio owners even provide the tools and salon amenities required for a top-tier operation.

In contrast to a range of other standardized salon environments, stylists at Image Salon Studios play their own music, organize their own setup, and decorate their space however they see fit. The rental business operates more as a collaborative partnership rather than as a traditional landlord-tenant relationship. Salon suite rental prices have remained comparatively low, and tenants enjoy freedom and flexibility that is unlike anything they have previously encountered.

“What an amazing ten years it has been!” says Jim Regas of Image Salon Studios. Like so many small businesses and in-person services deterred by the pandemic, Image Salon took a hit. But their resurgence and anniversary mark the ongoing success of their business model. “The last two years have been the most challenging, but through thick and thin our salon professionals have survived and stuck with us.”

While other salon suite providers have attempted to imitate this pioneering business model, few have met with success. “Dozens and dozens of salon suite providers have encroached on our territory. However, we have a system and a commitment that few can replicate and this is why, even during the pandemic, we maintained a very high occupancy rate.”

For new applicants, Salon Suite Studios is currently offering a 4-week complimentary rent special to all new tenants who sign a one-year lease agreement, effectively providing one month of space completely free.

“It’s an amazing feat to see the growth of the salon suite rental business,” concludes Regas. Stylists and beauty professionals interested in applying for a space can visit to view a video tour and learn more.

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