An Innovative App to Make Fitness More Impactful

New Fitness App Developed By Worldstrong Athletics Focuses On Making A Difference For The Planet.

OCTOBER 19TH, 2021 – Developed by a small sized, yet very passionate activewear brand comes a new fitness app by the name of PRO WRLD fit. PRO WRLD is short for Protect World and the concept of the app is to improve the health of both the planet and the people who use the app.

Common Fitness App Problem

A common problem (fitness enthusiastic) mobile users encounter is having a variety of fitness apps downloaded into their mobile device.With all of these downloads, this tends to take up more storage space and also creates a high monthly cost (because of all of the subscription plans downloaded). It can be difficult to keep track of all of the downloaded apps, thus resulting in less motivation towards achieving a health & fitness goal.

The Solution & Tools Provided

The PRO WRLD fit app tackles this problem by providing all the fitness tools in a single app to make reaching fitness goals more efficient. Some of the tools featured within the PRO WRLD fit app are water logging, food logging, calorie counting, plant-based recipes, fat burning on-demand classes, run tracking, fitness challenges, calendar notifications, discounted activewear and more! In addition, the Apple & Fitbit watch can sync data to the PRO WRLD fit app as well. This easy to navigate app goes for as low as $8 – $15/mo, and with everything in a single app, why download multiple apps that take up more cost and storage?

Making A Difference

The benefits of PRO WRLD fit app does not end with it’s premium fitness tools and the storage cost it saves. It continues with the environmental difference it can make simply through the app users fitness engagement. To sum up how this can be accomplished is, the more active the person is with the apps health & fitness tools, the more points accumulated, which can then be transferred to their choice of either removing 3lbs of ocean trash or reforesting 3 trees each month. PRO WRLD fit will automatically add up the total environmental differences made by each app user.

With all of the destruction nature encounters each day, it seems there is no better time to have an app with the new concept of supporting nature and human health. A new kind of fitness many can enjoy.

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