Marion Miles – A Story Born Of A Dark Truth

Marion Miles - A Story Born Of A Dark Truth

Marion Miles is a descendent of the Shoshone/Papago (Tohono O’odham) Nation. Being Native American, she understands the problems and mistreatments the whole community has suffered throughout the last century.

Marion Miles has adopted a true story from 1956 for her fiction novel, when a 13-year-old girl experienced the worst possible treatment from the law enforces. The policeman, who was the typical authority, would use his power to prey on the weak. The girl was the perfect prey: she had all the weak points. She was Native American, young and female. She could not survive the ill treatment that was purely based on racial discrimination.

What made the case gain the media’s attention was that the incident was presented as the child’s own intention to take her life. While there was no reason for the young girl to end her life, it gradually became more evident how the crime was covered up.

The loss of a child is huge, and losing her in the battle for racial and gender equality is even more painful. Yet, the mother stood strong, and her story is worth sharing with the world.

The story is not just about an incident; it is also a call to empower women today so that such cases may not happen in the future. Marion Miles graciously asks the reader through this novel to take a few moments and live in the shoes of a mother living a life of shame, discrimination, injustice and finally, grief. We owe her this much, at least.

Was She Murdered?: Jailed Girl Driver, 13 Hangs Self is published by Gatekeeper Press.

ISBN: 978-1662910661

Published: March 22, 2021

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