Artist Vincenzo Pinto: “A Chance Encounter Made Me A Professional Painter”

Artist Vincenzo Pinto: "A Chance Encounter Made Me A Professional Painter"
Art always finds true artists, no matter where life takes them. For Italian painter Vincenzo Pinto, his love affair with art had been an interesting tale in its own right.

Vincenzo Pinto was born in 1975 in Naples, Italy. As a child, he used to watch his father draw Disney characters with great fascination. The drawings would then be gifted to family members, and Pinto always prized these sketches. Watching his father, the young boy too dabbled in paintings and sketches. Pinto admits that he learned to draw before he could learn to speak. But despite this, his family didn’t support his ambitions to make a career in art and dissuaded him from taking art in school. This marked a temporary end to Pinto’s dreams of becoming an artist. However, in hindsight, Pinto does not rue the decision. He thinks that by not attending an art school, he was able to cultivate a more free and unfettered art style of his own.

For most of his later life, Pinto had no more encounters with art. He married, had a daughter, and pursued the business of selling jewels. While Pinto was happy with this life, he always felt that something was missing in it. Fortunately, things changed when he had a chance encounter with a gallerist. The gallerist, who soon became his friend, recognized the untapped artistic potential within Pinto. At his behest, Pinto finally decided to draw his first works as a professional artist. He debuted with eight paintings in an exhibition in Pompeii. Two of these were sold, while most of them met with appreciation. This bolstered Pinto’s morale and set him on the course of becoming a professional artist.

The nature of Vincenzo Pinto’s previous work often led him to travel to various villages in the country and get familiar with a variety of cultures. This understanding of culture and people is reflected in his works. In the beginning, Pinto used acrylic colors with a tone that was almost impulsive. But over the years, he has acquired a lot more nuance in his works. He has also moved from acrylic to oil colors, due to the greater depth provided by the latter. One of the unique features of Pinto’s works is how he plays with lights and shadows. This, he admits, he learned as a child while admiring the works of artists like Salvadore Dali and Caravaggio.

In 2017, Pinto collaborated with others (including a choreographer and a photographer) to create a sophisticated and magnificent art piece in front of a live audience. The performance was met with huge applause, moving the audience to tears. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world changed; Vincenzo Pinto was no different. But the artist looked around him and sought inspiration in those dark and gloomy times. Recently, Pinto undertook a street art project where he drew intricate and beautiful murals. In the summer of 2021, Pinto and other artists worked together for a project at Castel dell’Ovo that paid homage to the famed Italian performer Massimo Troisi.

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